Discovery's "street Outlaws"

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  1. How fast is the VW?
  2. That VW is really fast however every time I've seen them run they're all over the road with every shift. Either that kid isn't a good driver or they need to rethink their setup.
  3. I am guessing like the rotary corollas wheel base is so small it just shocks the tires and the car skates
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  4. To all of you fellas complaining about there being no real car shows on TV, you need to broaden horizons. Go to youtube and type in Roadkill. Best damn Automotive/Hot rod show ever created.

    Here, I'll even do it for you


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  5. I watch it, and can tell it was BS....some of the guys on there really aggregate the :poo: outta me, lol. I can tell almost EVERY police encounter is pretty much staged, too.....I'm not even sure sometimes if the races are real.....but if rather watch it than SoftRock,
  6. I watch it, it's good entertainment for me I guess. While I don't get into all of the drama stuff, I do like to see the races.

    While it seems they can pretty much make anything look real on TV these days (heck, they make cars and trucks turn into robots!), some of those cars look darn fast. I can't remember seeing that S10 lose a race yet, although I'm sure I haven't seen every episode.

    I try to take it for what it is. I have no doubt that some of it is staged, they have contracts with the local cops, etc. I just hope that the parts about spending $20K on an engine and not being able to pay the mortgage, put food on the table for the kids, etc., is staged as well!!!