Disgusted With American Muscle

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  1. I am so disgusted with American Muscle, I have spent in the last 2months with them $6000 + I bought a tuner and since day 1 have had a spark knock, I have called them over & over trying to get resolved and everytime it is still same issue. The refuse to give me a refund!!! I have done everything they requested from the copper core plugs, to the pcv valve, to the pcv fillter to getting mass air cleaned & even had the carbon treatment done to the engine and still a spark knock. After as much money as I have spent with them as a coursesty you would think they would give me a refund seeing that everything they wanted me do I have done and it is still crap! You would think that if you have a customer that has spent what I have they would make me happy give me a refund and keep me happy! Instead I have a crap tuner that is useless to me!
  2. Sounds like an issue with the manufacturer, not the distributor.
  3. its the distributor who makes the decision on a refund tho
  4. how did you spend $6,000.00+ on a tuner? Try putting the recommended gas in your car that your tune is calibrated for. I.E. a 93 octane tune. Put nothing less than 93 octane gas in your car, as in use 93 octane gas. 91 octane tune use 91 octane gas, same thing with 89 and 87 octane. If you have a 93 octane tune and are putting 87 octane gas in the car then of course you will get spark knock and detonation when going into WOT.
  5. wow nice first 7 posts. How about posting the entire story before you start bagging on a company.
  6. No one gives refunds out of curtesy unless there is a valid reason. How old are your O2 sensors? Do you have any codes? All sensors are reading within specifications after ohming them out? MAF voltage is ok? You told American Muscle the correct specifications for all of your parts? You're using the right octane for the tune?

    There's way too many variables here for them to just give money away. I could go on several Mustang forums and complain about an issue that I don't have just to stir up dust and get money for nothing. That's why you're not getting a refund. Not unless you return the car to stock and then return the tuner, I would bet.
  7. One person out of a whole web site. Save your breath and do what they say. No one on her is listening to your bs.

    American muscle all the way.
  8. Hopefully you guys can work it out!!
  9. All cars are going to have its lemons, you may of got one or you may have jacked it up and don't want to admit it so you vent on a forum :shrug:
  10. I'm not taking up for the OP, but he clearly says he spent 6 grand with them and THEN bought a tuner. If we're gonna try and discredit him let's do it with clear facts while understanding exactly what he wrote.

    To me, it looks like the OP is doing something wrong. The programmer is going to put in some generic tune that the manufacturer has no doubt tested extensively. I hear nothing but good things about American Muscle.
  11. What else is done to the car ? Need more facts on the subject before you start bashing
  12. Ok I to am a fan of AM thats why I have spent so much with them, however I am not a fan of when I have a issue with their product that they re unable to fix not being given a refund! I researched this issue greatly and it is a very common issue with the 4,.6 and the mail order tunes, I even asked the rep at AM and he acknowleged that it is a common issue. If this issue is so common they at least could have posted a disclaimer. I have done everything then wanted me to try plus alot more that I figured I would try to. As far as my fuel i burn 93 octane. What stinks is I am still running stock & have a tuner that is useless to me & $400 less in my pocket! If anyone I offended I do appolgize and I think that if you where in my shoes you to would be bothered
  13. OP,

    I'm terribly sorry to hear that you aren't satisfied with our service or commitment to our products/customers.
    Let me first start by quoting our returns policy:
    "Non-Returnable Products

    Returns will not be accepted for any of the following items: Chips and Tuners, DiabloSport and SCT products, Wheel/Tire Packages, Opened Clutches (removed from original packaging), Opened Exhaust products (removed from original packaging), Hoods, Body Kits, Shaker Kits, any custom-order or made-to-order items, non-defective items that have been used, painted or installed on a vehicle. American Muscle gift certificates are non-refundable. These products are only up for exchange in the case of a defect. Issues with these items must be taken up directly with the manufacturer. "

    Now, with that being said let's try to figure this out, so that we can get to a resolution that pleases both yourself and works within our policies. I'm not saying we are strictly confined to our policies, but we do have them as a guideline for a reason.
    To start, could you please PM me your most recent order number, so that I may look into it further on my end?

    From there, I will look into the order/the notes/the issue and see if there's anything that might have been overlooked on our end.

    So, you are getting some knock in your tune? What RPM/driving conditions does it occur in most frequently? Is your CEL coming on? If so, what are the codes? You said you use 93 octane, what gas stations do you fill up at to get your 93 octane? Is your tune for 93 octane?

    Again, I'm terribly sorry for any inconvenience and I assure you I will help you get this squared away!:nice:

    Thanks for your continued patience and understanding!

    Have a great night!
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  14. Yeh I think its just one of those things man. I love my tuner with the canned tune. Sct with bama tune
  15. Thumbs up to AM for the post. Great service!

    Dan in ND
    '88 'vert GT undergoing full resto.
  16. I think for the people with unlimited funds this is not a problem but its obvious that the op reached out for help and was given the cold shoulder at least once. I can understand to a point but now that this has been posted, a lot of money is on the line for AM due to would be buyers hanging on to the out come of this issue. I feel for both sides on this one. Both sides can only hope its an easy fix and move on. Im subscribed, but AM can count me in. I will buy something if I ever get money. :nice:
  17. I don't think the issue has anything to do with unlimited funds. I'm far from that, yet I'm taking a neutral stance that doesn't point fingers at anyone. There's a number of mechanical reasons that a car can ping not related to the tune and no amount of tuning can make up for that. Vacuum leaks and out of spec sensors are some examples, thus they need to be ruled out.
  18. Where are you located? what is the PCM code ? what are all the mods done to the car ?
  19. I hear u. I was just saying that if funds where unlimited and I had trouble that I couldn't fix id just find a good shop to fix it for me. 6k is already a huge chunk for someone like me so maybe he is out of cash and just wants what he envisioned in the first place. Lets face it. A lot of us have certain expectations. If only I could get that super charger. Oh wait how can I install it or how can I tune it. How can I afford everything else to tune it etc.....
  20. There are people who have dropped 4 times that amount on american muscle, but unless your Jack Roush or Chip Foose I wouldnt expect anything back. Like said above, there are lemons out there and it doesnt take much to find out your car is one. Sorry to hear that happened