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  1. Thanks for the response I will get the info when I get back home I'm on the road for work. I use either shell or mobil fuel. The knock happens in all the gears most noticeable right after I shift & hit accelerator. On stock car runs perfec
  2. Not a problem! The second we get your order number, we can go ahead and get this squared away for you. We'll make sure that the mods that you submitted match the mods on your car, and make sure that we tuned the car for the mods submitted on the form, to rule out human error.

    Keep in mind, the stock tune has such a conservative amount of timing and a conservative WOT air/fuel ratio. Just because you said the car runs "perfect" on the stock tune doesn't mean anything. I know people who have had vacuum leaks for who knows how long and the car was 13.5-14.5 air/fuel ratio at WOT on the stock tune with NO symptoms. No check engine light (it wasn't a big enough vacuum leak to throw off the fuel trims enough, but large enough to cause an issue at WOT). So, we need to first, make sure that the form was filled out correctly on your end. From there, we can make sure that the tunes were properly created on our end. After that, we can start looking at diagnosing other aspects such as vacuum leaks, dirty throttle body or fuel filter and other common things that cause detonation.

    As for the tune being the culprit, it would have to be something we did during the creation process. These are custom tunes for your mods and not "canned" or "value file" tunes that blanket many different cars. Each tune we create is dyno, street and track verified and then pieces of each tune are sent all over the world and verified from hundreds and thousands of customers with the same year/model/transmission as you. I don't know why the rep made you feel like pinging is a common complaint. We send out thousands of tunes and only a few ping, and mostly are found to be fuel filter, plugs, dirty throttle body or vacuum leak. Anyway, we'll get this solved for you...

    Keep in mind, any time that you want tuning advice - call the Bama Tuning Specialist team directly @ 888.226.9764. While our AmericanMuscle reps are knowledgable and trained on clutches, exhausts, suspension, wheels/tires, etc.; tuning is a specialty that you really can only speak to one of our Bama custom tuning specialists about. That number I just gave you is their direct line, and they're in the building M-F from 9AM-5:30PM EST.

    Shoot me over the order number and we'll get looking into this for you right away!
  3. Hey Chris, since you're here can you answer a question for me? I recently purchased a SCT 4 bank switch chip from American Muscle. I had to call and speak to customer service to get it ordered since the online ordering didn't like my mods or something. Anyway, when the chip showed up it came with a "build sheet" for my car mods and some of this stuff isn't even close to what I said I had. I also asked that the rev limiter be moved up to 7,000 RPM and there is no mention of that. Is it possible that my chip is incorrectly programmed for my combo?

    My mods are as listed in my signature.
  4. if i run a successful business i would certainly refund a good customer back $400 or how ever much it cost....its common sense, american muscle is a great company i love them but if O.P is being completely honest i would refund his money, of course after a good explanation.
  5. I would call the Bama team and let them know so that they can figure it out and see whether they programmed it wrong. Their number is 888.226.9764. I would want them to send a pickup tag for it and reprogram it just to be safe, or send out a new one and a call tag for that one. I've never seen them send out an incorrect tune, but it's possible maybe the paperwork got crossed (as they send out a good amount each day).

    If you want, we can set that up for you. I'm out of town for the King of the Street/NMRA event. However, if you PM AMChrisYoung and refer him to my post, he'll get you squared away right away, he's the man!

  6. Okay, I just got off of the phone with them and the only thing that still makes me nervous is when I asked about the setup for my B cam (All praise be to B cam) he said "Yeah, it's setup for a cam". That was kinda generic sounding. I'm still not sure about that.
  7. Sounds simple enough...but it isn't. If AM or any other vendor allows customers to return tuners for a refund then they will never sell a tuner again. People will order them, tune their cars, claim it's defective and send it back for a refund. It's just not feasible.
  8. you aren't gonna get very far bashing AM. just about everyone on here has had nothing but great experience with them. FEW companies come close to their level of knowledge and customer service.
  9. ok I think my issue is resolved my buddy messed with setting on tuner itself. I thought maybe i heard a very very faint ping but unsure, if its that faint that Im not sure is it ok to run?
  10. I've seen mail order tunes work 110% perfect on 1 car, and barely able to idle on another of the exact same production line. The variables need to be adjusted for personally and mail order tunes simply don't offer that.

    Go find a good shop and get a tune there.
  11. You should be just fine. We don't offer tunes for most cams on 5L cars, so they were probably just being short in their response. I apologize for any possible confusion or inconvenience. Do you know who you talked to? Can you PM me your order number and I can look into the tunes personally!?:nice:

    What did he "mess" with, do you know? Did our most recent tune revisions not correct the situation? If they didn't let me know, so that I can have my Tuning Specialists look into it even further for you!

    That's what datalogging is for. Not every town in every state has a dyno-facility or a reputable dyno-tuner to work with. More importantly, constantly getting dyno tunes for upgrades can be VERY costly, both monetarily and time-wise.

    Remote tunes are more than adequate/safe/reliable if the proper steps are taken to ensure the tune can do its job properly. Setting a car up to be tuned on a dyno versus remotely should be no different. Mechanically, the car has to be 100% for the car to react properly/safely to the tune. If the car isn't 100% mechanically proper or some other flaw(bad gas, bad spark plugs, bad fuel injectors/pump, air leaks, etc) is present then no tune, dyno or remote will get it running 100%
  13. So I gotta ask...

    If you get a tuner and have some other problem (vacuum leak for example) then the car may not run 100%. Is AM unable to identify the problem in some cases or is it just a matter of trouble shooting until the problem is found? The op said 2 months, then has to post...that does seem a little "cold shoulder"-ish but this scenario must happen semi-often right? Would a person be better off going to a local garage or dealing with AM? :shrug:
  14. American Muscle, is simply the middle man. They sell the tuners for SCT, they do not make the tuners. The tunes come from Bama, which is an affiliate of American Muscle. You will get different opinions from different people, but there is nothing wrong with a tune from Bama. Everyone's car is different, and yes it may require some tweaking, but if you have read the whole thread you can see that American Muscle has done nothing but try and fix the problem.

    Some people just don't realize how a business works/runs.
  15. I would say that this scenario rarely happens other wise there would be tons of posts here and on other Mustang boards complaining of problems with hand held tuners. I guess the bottom line is whether you are getting it tuned locally or using a hand held, you have to make sure your car is 100% first.
  16. Post the entire story before you start trashing one of the most reputable Mustang parts dealers on the Internet. You know, your engine or PCM could have an issue them that precedes your putting a tuner on it. Maybe the tune is what is causing it to show itself.

    AM is +1 in my book. Their customer service is stellar and they always ship fast.
  17. Thanks for all the kind words everybody:nice:

    I do have to say that I feel for the OP, though. No matter what the issue is, the simple fact is that he isn't running 100%. Whether or not its our fault or our tunes fault or his car's fault, he entrusted us to make it right and we are going to continue to do so every chance he allows to give us.

    Having a car run 100% or more is all we want as automotive consumers/enthusiasts. As a company that is all we want for our customers. When you aren't running that well, you can get discouraged, for sure. I completely understand what he's going through.

    We will do everything humanly possible on our end to assess any issues and correct any potential problems either human or mechanically related. We can only offer advice for mechanical issues that are out of our control, as we do not maintain or work on customer cars hands on.

    Having been in this market a long time now, I have come in contact with A LOT of tuners and people wanting/using tunes. 90% of the time, cars are NOT ready for tunes in one way, shape or form. Whether it's an air leak or bad spark plug or whatever, they just aren't ready.

    My good friend Jeff is the best Honda tuner in the world(I know, that word stirs hate/fear/animosity around these parts, but the simple fact is that they can be fast and to be the best tuner in their market is a big deal). He got tired of wrenching on cars that came onto his dyno and taking up his valuable dyno time/shop space. He made this check-list:
    Evans Tuning - Pre-Tuning Checklist
    It's really quite extensive and when you think about it, who really goes and checks all that before a tune? ALL of these different segments need to be 100% to get 100% of the potential performance out of the car. Something as simple as low battery voltage can cause a PCM to act strangely or not accurately download calibrations.

    The bottom line is that we will do whatever is in our powers to correct any issues on our end. If our bases are all covered and we have found that all possible errors on our end are taken care of, then it comes down to the user and the manufacturer to deduce if it's a manufacturing flaw or mechanical flaw. If it is manufacturing and our manufacturer says to correct it, we will do so immediately and without question.

  18. AM is #1 in my book. Matter of fact, I just ordered some H&R springs and black chrome HR500 wheels for my 97 Cobra. I would order from them again in a hearbeat, and of course I WILL order from them again.
  19. Very well written AM! Wow, "90% of the time, cars are NOT ready for tunes...", I feel for the op and AM!!!!! Keep up the good work!
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