Dissapointed -w- V6?

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  1. Hey guys! Im new here, so Ill tell you a little about myself first.

    Im almost 17, Im big into mx bikes and as of now I own a "soon to be" off road customs/performance shop for mx bikes and quads, I also have a "slow" job @ a grocery store, but Ill soon be moving in to work -w- my bro-in-law who owns a multi-mill $ auto-mechanic shop (yeah... :D ) . My parents wont let me get my permit or license untill Im 18, they think Im gonna run out on them as soon as I get one (talk about stink :nonono: ) and Im not a bad kid, just been extremely sheltered my whole life.

    Anyway... In the near future Ill be looking for a "first car", I started looking @ stangs and now Im hooked, but dont know if I would be dissapointed -w- the V6 power, I want to put some performance mods on it and also some cosmetic aftermarket -w- the money I would save from getting the V6 vs a GT. But I wanted to ask some V6 owners if they are satisfied -w- the power that it puts out stock, and after mods.

    Sorry for the long post.

  2. After making the V6 fast enough to even keep up with the GT it would of been cheaper to buy the GT.
  3. I dont want to "keep up" -w- a gt, the only car Ill need to "keep up" -w- is going to be my friends Monte Carlo, and that shouldnt be too hard.
  4. that is what you are saying now but i guarantee you that you will want the need for more power--happens to everyone

    get model years 99+ whatever you do; are you considering any other cars? I assume you are looking a 2dr American cars so keep the Camaro in mind as well.
  5. So, help me out here. What is a guy that drives a Nissan doing giving Mustang advice? :rlaugh:
    Do you work for Ford or something?
  6. Why was my reply off beam? I thought I gave pretty good advice.. :shrug:

    Just because I drive a Nissan doesn't mean I am clueless about Mustangs, I know more than you think ;)
  7. My v6 has a stock 3.8L engine,with an automatic transmission.I am satisfied with the stock power,but I want more so I am going to do sopme mods like cold air induction/mass air,dual exhaust,and other things that I have not yet decided on.
  8. I'm happy with mine.......but I have a buttload of money in it too

  9. what year MC? you may already be faster with a 99+ V6. :p
  10. Would it be worse if I gave some mustang advice? =P

    Anyway, if you go for the V6 and want the most potential out of it, go with a hard top 5 speed. Convertible autos are SLOW.
  11. Mid 90's, I didnt want to spend alot more on a GT for just everyday driving and an occasional unofficial street drag -w- my friends, Ill also be putting a NOS kit on it after I do pipes. Were there any major problems -w- the V6 stangs in the mid 90's?

    Mark or "M.C."
  12. I wont go -w- a conv or auto.
  13. Low Insurance

    You should have lower insurance with a V6. For new cars, you are also looking at pretty low cost = $15k give or take, to get one in a V6. The next generation will be out in the third quarter of this year, and will cost more. That said, it may look better and it has some improvements. Or, it may not look as good, that's the individuals call as to what lights your fire. I kinda like the current look, and really liked the '98 style. Life marches on, and they have made improvements to this car along the way, so the current ones are likely better in most aspects. As for power, it should get you from 0- traffic ticket just fine. Watch out for curves that look bumpy, as there could be some kick out of the rear. Enough power to handle OK. The GT has the quad rear shocks. Since the new one will have 300HP, there should be discounts on GT and Mach1. You will find insurance high on the GT at your age. Drive safe and that will help :nice:
    In used cars, the Camaro 5.7 liter is hot, but thereagain, expensive to insure.
    With 6sp, great gas mileage = 26-28 freeway.
    Have fun!
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  14. head gaskets

    Blown head gaskets

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  15. Do REAL mods before you pull a ricer cheat and use nitrous.
  16. Having formely driven a V6, I can say I was satisfied in the areas of styling and status (really gets the attention of people) but in terms of performance, the car was lacking. It was a 2000 model, so it's got 190 HP but it was an automatic, so it really sapped power from the engine. The car has taken on a third-gen Camaro and beat it, but I've been beaten by an early 90s Acura Integra, also. The V6 is more of a car built for looks and show if anything, don't expect gobs of power. If anything, it's on the same par of performance with a lot of "sport compacts" out there. Also, the V6 performance aftermarket isn't really as big as those of the 5.0 and 4.6 ones. The majority of V6 mods you see out there for sale are simple bolt ons like cat-back exhaust, headers, pulleys, etc. If you want things like pistons, cams, and heads, those things are harder to find for V6s.

    If you want a convertible model, that's cool too considering that convertibles affect performance in terms of weight and body structure, why not get a V6 convertible? I wouldn't get a GT convertible because the GT is a more performance oriented car, why sacrifice its performance by getting a convertible just so you can put the top down in the summer? The V6, on the other hand, isn't really a performance car so I wouldn't worry about a convertible in that case.

    I will re-itterate that I wasn't satisifed with a V6. Many people asked me why didn't I get a GT, or a manual.
  17. Ok, first, you're parents are stupid. Since they shelter you, I understand how worried they are. However, it seems to me that they need to spoil you. They need to buy you your stang. You see, this way, its in their name until you're old enough. By having it in their name, if you run away, like they fear, they can always call in the car as being stolen.

    Anyways, get the v6, for many different reasons. 1) insurance on a young male with a v8? honestly! 2) the newer the model, the faster the v6. Mines 10 years old, has 145hp, newer ones come with like 193hp. Seriously, though, unless you're planning on racing some punks from school, you dont need the speed. Even with my slow 145hp, I'm always the first to leave the light. And no, not by flooring it either. Under 2k rpms, still beats everyone. The peak HP is at about 4k. I don't use it. If I had a V8, I still wouldnt use it. Its cool to know that its there. But still, use of it would be very rare.

    Also, by getting the cheaper car the money you save can go to other mods. Not everything has to be about the engine. I'm talking about exterior, interior, stereo, whatever. If you saw my car, and everything I put into my car, its still cheaper than a brand new GT. Actually, techincally if I had the money, the difference in price of what I spent already and a brand new GT, could possibly go towards engine mods that may actually beat that stock GT.

    Plus the car looks fast anyway, even stock, and thats all that matters, right? Anyways, as for having a v6, I'm not disappointed. I mean, its all about price and the love of whatever vehicle you're stuck with. If I had a choice of any car in the world to own. Trust me, it wouldnt be a v8 mustang. I like em, but what about ferrari or lambourgini... ...its all about what you can afford, today.

    Another thing to keep in mind, my cars bought and paid for. I dont know if you're after new, or old, but if anyone with a v8 brags to you about how fast their car is compared to yours, just tell yourself that they probally dont own it, as you will pay it off way before they ever will. And thats another thing about v6s, you dont hafta to worry about money like you would with gt.
  18. because street racing&nos is sooo cool since fastandthefurious said so :rolleyes:

    seriously man, just get yourself a civic or an accord (not saying it's bad) but it will keep you out of trouble
  19. If you don't care about performance too much then get 99+ a v6 5spd hard top like teggie said.

    if you think the speed bug will bite you, then definately get a 99+ GT. just don't get that v8 ego so many people have hehe. you never know when that sleeper I4 puts you in your place for talking too much. neither the v6 or v8 stangs are incredibly fast. but the v8 modular has more potential than the v6 anyday. v8's also have more of the little features like leather and limited slip.

    I for one thought the speed bug would never get to me, but it did. I'm upgrading in 2-3 months to something with a little more standard power, but the v6 was a blast for what it was, and for what i paid for it. the looks is good, and the power is decent for the v6 pushrod motor. and the new monte carlos are FWD 3.8L 200hp A4 right? you should be able to hang wiht him without problems if thats what you care about.