Dissapointed -w- V6?

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  1. did i say "hate"? I don't even think I said "dislike" ...and mustangs don't have competition. I think 40 years of legendary tradition and history pretty much sums it up. I like other cars, but I'm also loyal. I have experience with many brands and this is where I ended up and this is where I'll stay.
  2. crap, sorry about the double post
  3. They do have some competition. You forgot the mustangs rival, the camaro. Now, I can totally understand not considering it competion. They're ugly, and depending on the engine, slower. Chevy tried so hard to create that crap to compete with the mustangs market. No wonder they stopped making them!

    But still a rival, none the less. If they consider us competition, then we must as well. Every camaro owner I know has challenged me, and every camaro stranger has either reved, or gave me dirty looks. They have something to prove. We however, do not.
  4. GM killed off the F-body due lowered sales and to take advantage of the growing SUV market. Not because the mustang was better. The reason why the mustang is one of the few cars left that survived the muscle car "genocide" is because of the number of sales the v6 trim was making. Not to mention the GT was a great bargain too. Why doesn't Ford kill discontinue the mustang? They'd be foolish to even think about killing off such a lucrative car.

    Car company's follow trends in the market, they adjust to the demands of the public. If the public says they want more SUV's, then the company's shift more of their time/money towards making SUV's because they feel there is more money to be made there. Unfortunately during this process, something's gotta give, and they'll take out the weakest link in their chain in order to finacially sustain the company-wide changes, and at teh time, the F-body's were the weakest link in terms of sales.

    This however does not mean F-body cars suck, the mustangs just outsold them because it's cheaper and looks good. Dispite the amount of people on this board that do care about performance, there are the many that only care about looks. That explains why cars like the v6 mustang and the mazda miata do so well. I doubt the majority of those drivers bought their car for the performance.

    Just for arguements sake: If Trans Am's and Camaro's were priced the same as mustangs were, it would be a whole lot different story.

    Things that contributed to the demise of the F-body? The bigass engine scared novice car enthusiasts away from buying them because fear of rediculous gas consumption. It is however a miconception because an LS1 consumes the same amount of gas as a 99+ 4.6L GT, nonetheless it still was a factor.

    Second factor, they have rediculously high insurance rates.

    In my opinion, no car is better than the other overall, one company just chose to take a different route. Mustang owners are just as guilty for being cocky as F-Body owners on the road. It's called the V8 ego.
  5. In my opinion, no car is better than the other overall, one company just chose to take a different route. Mustang owners are just as guilty for being cocky as F-Body owners on the road. It's called the V8 ego.[/QUOTE]

    :hail2: :nice: That, gentlemen, is what you call, hitting the nail on the head.
  6. 99+ V8 is too much power for you if you are just starting out driving, IMO.


    No real power mods (yet) and 1" wider than stock performance tires/rims plus factory LSD and I *still* cut 'em loose hard in 1st and sometimes 2nd gear with just a goose on the gas and no clutch drop. Good thing it handles ok or I'd be bringing the rear around too damned easy.

    Yeah... If you aren't seasoned to drive a powerful car, the newer GTs will only get you into big trouble, and your insurance company damned sure knows it! $$$$$$$$

    Hell, I'm middle-aged now and I have a hard time holding back the reigns on this Pony myself sometimes (the power begs you to use it, you know). Reminds me of that classic muscle I had back in the day, but with better handling and brakes this time around. Still, I *do* crave more power... it is only a matter of time before I have it.

    V6 is good to start out with if you must have a Stang and you have any sense, new driver. Get a 5-speed Coupe though, and learn to drive that first. Automatic Convertible V6 are very slow and cushy... for the ladies, IMO.

    Just PLEASE don't ricify your V6 (such a terrible waste of money and you will be a joke to Stangers everywhere!). Instead, save up for the day you are ready for some V8 power... it's a much wiser platform to build on for that. A blower on one of these plus sticky meats = street domination... if you can handle it.
  7. do they still make those things? hehe j/k Here's list of F bodies I've owned...

    67 Firebird (327 cid, ran 13.5 in the quarter on street tires) ragged out and blew the engine...

    77 Firebird (was my sister's first) also ragged out and crashed it into the back of a truck

    79 Firebird ... rebuilt a 400 cid engine for it, dropped it into the engine bay just in time to realize I didn't know jack about engines... why? the hood wouldn't close... not enough clearance. later discovered i should've worked the heads to match the massive cam I bought. lesson? I don't know what I'm doing. hehe

    87 Trans Am ... had a 305 in it. loved the car, crappiest stereo ever. traded it in on a 92 chevy silverado when a hose busted and I couldn't figure out how to fix it myself ... ended up taking it to a dealership. embarrassing...

    95 formula Firebird 6 speed... fast as hell... crappy stereo... burned oil, defective tranny from the factory (Reverse would slip out) drove me nuts.

    after that my personal life kinda spun out of control and I ended up in a parade of utterly forgettable GM products ranging from an Olds Achieva (blew up the engine) to my super fly 91 pontiac firebird with 120,000 on it... (later blew the engine)

    Finally bought a 98 GT .. never burns oil, looks hella sweet, and finally buying a 2000 V6 which I like even better style-wise.

    Uh, sorry for rambling, but I just thougth I'd let everyone know I've driven a broad range of muscle cars (some I haven't mentioned) and I never thought I'd end up in a Mustang, but glad I did.
  8. Trans am? Muscle car my butt! Thats a family car! I joke because my family has a 97 red v8 convertible trans am. Its got a plate frame that reads "The Family's Florida Car" despite having TX plates and registration, but it spends most of its time parked in a garage in Destin FL, walking distance from the beach. To tell you the truth, I hardly see convertible chevys. I know they make camaro, and trans am verts, but hardly ever see em. Coupes and T tops seem to be the big thing. But thats one thing they got. Want a t top mustang? Sorry. Guess they have a market Ford doesnt have a hand in.
  9. why not go for '94-'95 cobra? more power, easily modded, you can find some in excellent shape, and for relatively cheap.... just my completely unbiased opinion :)
  10. Is your insurance really that bad guys? Considering the performance difference, the GT doesnt cost a lot more, and my insurance has always been cheap. I bought it when I was 22, and my insurance was about 1200 a year. Now I'm 25 and I pay 900 bucks a year for full insurance. I've also never done anything stupid or had accidents because of too much power.

    I'm not a v6 hater, but I tried them before I bought the GT, and in hindsight (after the mod bug bit me) I'm very glad I didnt get the 6. :shrug:
  11. plus the 94-95 have a 5.0. The engine has unbelievable upgrades and potential.......

    but then that goes back to the same timeless question: why buy a V6 when you could get a V8. I say get what you want.
  12. I've driven a 96 GT vert, and a 99 V-6 Vert. Actually own the 99, the 96 is my best friends. I love the 99 V-6. Light and plenty of power. Honestly...do you race every time you're at a stop light? IMHO, the V-6 has a lot better handling, especially if you upgrade to 17" rims. When I drive the V-8, it feels like the rear end is going to lose it everything you make a hard turn. I'm more of a handling freak then straight line freak.

    To answer you question, I'm very happy with the V-6 performance, at least 99+ V-6s, they were rated at 197 HP where the 98 and earliers were rated at like 168 I think.

    [edit]I should clarify...both were with 5 speed trannies. I wouldn't own an automatic mustang...rob too much power[/edit]

  13. Ok I was like so with you until you said this, you really got life all mixed up if you ask me :lol:

    First of all usualy people only have enough money to either make the car look good or look bad and go fast. The funny thing is half the cars I've seen if the person would have used the money they spent on: wheels, spoilers, paint, and radios they could have used it to go faster. I always look out for the ugly cars like my cars ;)

    Ok I'll get off that crap :)

    Second. I would get a V6 stang this will be a good car to start out on and later on make it faster. I'm a die hard Chevy fan but a Stang still retains the ability to be worked on unlike the Camaros. The best thing I can sudjuest is to make sure you pick a good base car. If your wanting all out power then go with a Stick and a hard top, as for the years people seem to say the 99' and up V6's are the ones to have. Now to save money if your like me, buy a 99'-01' . You will save so much more money by buying a used car and it will be payed for sooner so you can start fixing it up quicker :) Now if you go with nitrous which is a really cheap way to go fast I would buy a 50-75 shot to start out on. You can buy new 50 shot kits on ebay for around 235.00 and you will be set to have some fun.

    Third of all I'm with that guy when he said your parents are stupid. I only pray that you keep your head on your shoulders and not turn out some phyco killer etc :) Do they moinitor your : emails, phone calls, mail, tv watching, and spy on your friends also ? Yes todays world sux but they are only hurting you, I think instead of helping you but that is just my opinion :shrug:
  14. im in your same boat, but im 16 and have my license :D , i have a '98 bone stock V6, im happy w/ it, the chicks dig it, thats all that really matters. i'd like a GT, but w/ gas and the price of a GT, i dont know if i could see owning one at this point in time. V6 mustangs are quite affordable (especially the 94-98's), i paid $6k for mine. the only girl that will care if its a V6 as opposed to a GT is those nasty fat redneck chicks. if money was no option, of course i would rather have a GT.
  15. I think youre just suffering from anti rice syndrom. The idea that the money you spend on an indy spoiler coulda gone towards some cool engine mod. Plus you did see that I said it looks fast even STOCK. And it does look fast. Trust me, you're gonna get more looks from a cop obeying the speed limit in a 145hp stang, compared to a 300hp 4 door sedan going 10 over. It simply looks fast.

    You're right about how people will go one way with mods, some go just engine, some go just looks. The cool thing about the mustang is the fact that its one of the most customizable vehicles out there. Stang owners dont like being just like everyone else, so a lot of us try to be different in our own ways.

    I went the appearance route. Yes, next mod will be duel exhast, but most of my mods are appearance. Lemme first appologize to fox body owners. Keep in mind I'm just shouting examples, not bashing the entire production. I hate seeing a fox body look 30 years old about to fall apart piece by piece. Its ugly, and not keeping it look nice makes it uglier. Yeah, this guy could roll next to me at a light and beat the crap outta me when it turns green. But thats just cuz all his mods went there. Whats the point of having a fast car when it looks like a junker? People are shallow and will see you as a slow nondependable car, despite what kind of powerful sleeper it actually is. I know my cars slow, but I enjoy the compliments I get from strangers. I dont race people, I have nothing to prove. What can I prove with 145 hp? But the thing is, why have a 9 second car, when I already am the first to cross the intersection with the little that I have. Theres a huge difference between a drag car, and a show car. The show cars are right next to the drag strip, if my car had the 5.0 engine it shoulda have, it would be draging, not showing off parked.

    Also some things just need to be modded. Custom radio, hell yeah. Know what my stang came with? a factory tape player. No CD, definately no mp3 capability. Infact, I had to convert my mp3s to tape. That was hard work. Wheels, Im sorry, but what was ford thinking when they made every rim 3 spoked. Plus you hafta give it to other cars, some rims are better than the wheel covers, which, BTW, some mustangs came with surprisingly enough. As for spoilers, why should a GT have a spoiler and a v6 shouldnt? just because it has 8 cylinders doesnt give it the right to look nicer, besides, its not like people are posing as a gt.

    Basically most stuff should be replaced when its nessisary. I'll soup up my engine when its already non reliable. Anyone buying a full body kit is just asking to get into a wreck.
  16. I know Im going to get yelled at from everyone, but would appreciate UN-biased replies (if possible). So here goes... this is a list of the cars Im looking at: mid 90's mustang (6cyl), mid-late 90's integra (4cyl), late 80's-early 90's supra (6cyl), mid 90's celica (4cyl)... I would mildly modify (int & ext) any of the previous rides that I would go -w-, I like the looks of the integra stang and celica, but heres my problem... my friend that I thought was getting a monte carlo is maybe buying a prelude, so I need something that can outperform a prelude or MC without spending TOO much on mods.

    Thanks for any help.

  17. Just my opinion on that list...

    A mid-90's Mustang looks great, but has been known to blow head gaskets. Not too many other problems I can think of for that period. Rather low HP in those years. Integra is a finer Civic. Good car, double whishbone suspension. A Civic is less money. If you are young, the HP in a Supra will make for higher insurance, and the cost of repairs may be high. It would have the most HP, I think of those you are looking at. It has rear wheel drive, so if you learned on FWD, learn the new car and don't do anything stupid. Plenty of time to get old and stupid - old kids ya know. The Celica looks sharp, and in the GT has enough HP to be fun, but I hear insurance is higher than the ST, which is a Corolla engine, and rather slow. Not sure what ya mean about out performing a Monte Carlo or Prelude. If you are at the drag strip, straitline performance goes to Supra, Monte Carlo ( are we talking old or newer? ) and Prelude. If you are talking performance on cornering, it depends on the driver, but I guess I'd have to say, all of above. The V6 Mustang may need stiffer suspension, and due to lack of HP, may not power through corners. But unless on the race track, you are not suppose to be racing anyway. The 'Stang gained a lot of HP in '99. You can have a lot of fun driving the back roads with not a lot of HP. Don't let HP be your main consideration. The 90's had some good looking cars, from Celica to Mustang! I had a '91 Dodge Stealth
    which was fun, yet only 164HP. It was the first one sold at a Santa Maria dealership. If I ever bought one again, it would be the 222HP version. A PT Cruiser may be a fun car for ya. Lots of room in the back for friends and gear, yet style for a low price. Insurance is fairly low.
    LOREN :flag:
  18. I had a v6 Camaro, and the chicks didn't even know it was a v6. All they see is a kick ass black Camaro. After a while though, I needed more torque. So I bought a GT!
    If you want power, get a GT, if you just want the look, get a v6, and have fun!
  19. Yeah, like 20% of the people on the road will know if you have a v6 or v8 mustang. The girls all say my car is "cute." The guys all say my car is "phat." But no one has ever said that it was slow. It IS slow. But no one cares. It may just be that I'm a girl, and who revs at a girl? All I know is that I've had my '94 since 98, and it is a VERY dependable car. If I was super shallow, and the debate on which guy I would go out with rested on a 145 HP mustang, or a 200+ 80s supra. I'm dating the guy with the mustang. The cars a chick magnet. 80's supras are ugly (late 90s were the only cool looking ones) And even if the shallow chick knew about HP and crap, are you really going to race with a passenger?
  20. I dont understand why you would tell him to do "real" mods before pulling a "ricer cheat" Wat is that supposed to mean. There are a lot of V8 stangs on the juice and its used quite a bit in professional drag racing because it makes big power. With a v6 stang its almost stupid to spend a ton of money on bolt ons to get a couple HP. just throw the No2 on there and get about 100 HP and call it a day. Your going to spend more in bolt on $ to get 100 HP then you would with NO2 and you wouldnt be any better of....you would probly get less reliability and $hity gas milage. I dont understand how that is cheating. :notnice: :shrug: