Distributor Auxiliary gear?

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  1. I have a 88 Bayliner with a 2.3 in it and this weekend I found out the problem to my boat not starting was a torn up aux. distributor gear, the one that gets driven by the timing belt. Does anyone know how this thing goes in and where I can find one? I have no problem doing the work, I've just never worked on a 2.3 that much (more than what I've already done). I just wanna get the boat up and running so I can flip it and get something a lil bigger.
  2. You can get the distributor gear at a parts store, or find one that somebody has laying around. It's easy to install, just goes on the distributor shaft with a roll pin, the "gear" part goes toward the top.
  3. Is the aux gear shot or the distributer gear? My buddys 2.3 keep eating distributer gears (3) comes to find out the oil pump was shot.
    If you have the distributer out Take a 3/8 ratch with I think a 10mm socket and turn the oil pump shaft to make sure its not locked up.
  4. It's not the gear on the distributor, its the one that drives the distributor from the timing belt. I hope my oil pump isn't shot, I dont feel like pulling the engine out of this stupid boat lol
  5. If you mean the auxiliary shaft, I don't know if you can get them at the parts store or not. I'd say check there, and if not you'll have to find one used somewhere.
  6. Had a bad auxilary shaft on my 93. Thought it was the distrib "plug" to drive the oil pump. Feed the 2.3 two of these before I relized the shaft was bad. You might be able to find one on E-bay. If you really get in a bind, many are found in the junkyards. if your boat has an electric fuel pump, then any can be robbed outta any 2.3 Mustang or Ranger. pulling it isn't too bad - only tricks to it are making sure (especially in a junkyard) to loosen the pulley nut on the shaft before undoing the timing belt, and have a nice phillips driver that will have the provisions on it to attach a wrench (the cheap screwdriver set at harbor freight has them) near the handle. Once you get down past the pulley - obviously pull the distrib (or oil pump drive), remove the shaft cover / seal - I think it's 3 bolts. There will be a plate behind it that locks the shaft in place - this is held on by 2 phillips screws - they can be a pain - hence the screwdriver with the ability to put a wrench on it - put some weight on the driver and use an open end wrench to break screws loose - once loose the shaft slides out really easy.

    Install is easy too. Would recommend a new timing belt since you have the old one off to do this.

    If you get in a bind and can't find one - I see plenty of them in the yards I frequent and can get one for you.
  7. Thanks for the info guys, I just scored a 92 LX four banger with my buddies for 130 bucks. We blew the motor up so I took that gear out. Probably gonna go with a cheap electric pump.