Distributor Question

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  1. OK, so I thought I needed a fuel pump but the shop said it is the distributor. What kind of gains can be had going with MSD over stock? And, if I am only planning a 300-350 HP build on the car, does it matter?
  2. The only gain youll recieve is it Might Suddenly Die
  3. So a "stock" distributor is sufficient for minor mods?
  4. A stock distributor is sufficient for any setup no matter how mild or wild. Plenty of 1000hp guys using them.
  5. What is the issue you are trying to resolve? First fuel pump and now distributor. Makes no sense unless you are starting to assemble parts for a supercharged application or planned engine upgrade.
  6. Like I said in the original post, my self diagnosis was the fuel pump. So if I had to replace that my question was is bigger really better for that part. My mechanic said it is not the fuel pump but the cam sensor in the distributor and that I needed a distributor. So now I am asking about which distributor is best to get. The consensus is stock so I appreciate the help on here.
  7. Yes, like mentioned stock Distributor. MSD is using China products now, not made in the USA which started like 6-7 years ago (maybe longer). There are no HP gains in this area.
  8. Okay, but you've yet to say what the problem is that you are trying to fix. Is the car missing, rough idle, stalling or ???
  9. If you're trying to fix a random stalling problem that's made worse when the engine's heat soaked, the PIP sensor's the likely culprit and a new OEM distributor is the best cure. The TFI module is another potential culprit but since that already has a heat sink to conduct heat away, it'll fail even when the engine's cold so that can sometimes help to distinguish which part is the likely cause of the problem.
  10. The cam sensor, which I am assuming is the PIP sensor, was bad. I replaced the distributor with another stock one and so far so good! Thanks for all the help. I probably would have wasted money on a MSD if you guys didn't speak up and share your thoughts and opinions!!
    Till' next time...happy motoring!
  11. The PIP sensor is something the whole bunch of us go through at some point or another. Glad it was a quick fix for you, and you didn't waste precious money on something that doesn't matter that much!