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  1. Well this morning I had to drive the car to work because of a situation with my truck [​IMG] Anyway I started the car up and let it warm up for about 5 minutes then when i went outside to leave the engine light was on and the temp on the guage was still at 100. I turned the heater on high and let it warm up about 3 more minutes ( 17 degrees outside). When i got in the car and begin to move, the engine light went off and the guage started to move. There was coolant in the jug and radiator was full. I also noticed from home till my drive at work the miss was back. Went away pretty much with the exception of just a slight miss after I set the timing last nite after noticing how far advance it was.

    So I'm thinking that maybe the timing has advanced again and I'm hoping its the distributor just needs to be changed. Thats an easy fix. I just put a timing chain on the car last yr or yr before last and made sure the gears were lined up correctly and everything. I will recheck the timing when I get off today and if it is advanced again is there a way to tell if the dizzy is going out? I know to check the teeth the gear and last time I took out when changed the intake gaskets they appeared ok to me. But hopefully that's all it is though as I will just get a new dizzy. I will probably just go with a reman from Autozone or Oreilly. If that's the case I would be able to use that even for a future motor possibly a bigger motor?
  2. You might get better results in the 5.0 sections