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  1. Will my hei distributor that is in my early model 302 flat tap engine work in my new 5.0 roller engine that I am getting in this week? The hei doesn't have any brand name written anywhere on it so I don't know the brand name of it to look it up! But I've read somewhere that it needs a different size gear but not sure. Can anyone help with this I don't want to mess anything up when I install the engine
  2. Depends on the year of the 302 . the early dist. uses a different pitch on the drive gear and will not work on cams for 84 ,i think is the start ,and up . You can change the drive gear to the correct one for your roller motor.
  3. How can I find out what distributor and gear I have and which one will I need? image.jpg image.jpg

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  4. You need to know exactly what year motor and what cam is in it . If it is still the old gear it may have a number on it .
  5. If you are changing the cam ,simply change the gear to match
  6. image.jpg So I'm guessing I'll have to wait for the engine to come in this week to see what I'll have to do! But this is the engine I ordered
  7. It should come with a specs sheet ,that should tell what cam is in it .
  8. From what I read is its a stock profile roller cam and lifter
  9. Roller cam needs a steel gear.. Drive the pin outta your current dizzy, press the old iron gear off, and press on a steel one
  10. To me this looks like a regular steel gear can you tell me what you think image.jpg image.jpg
  11. Yea, machined surface, looks steel
  12. It is the MATERIAL, not pitch, of the gear that matters. Rather than type it out from memory and maybe make mistake, I suggest a Google search. Roller cams are made of different material but the stock type cam could have a gear blah blah, please google.
  13. It is definitely the pitch that matters also ,if you get the wrong pitch gear it will eat up the cam gear . Buy the gear to match the cam and you will be good .
  14. That would be true if different pitch gears were the common problem. It is not, though.

    Cast distributor gear, hardened steel, billet steel, bronze or polymer is the most frequent question and issue when deciding to go with a flat tapper, stock roller or aftermarket roller shaft.
  15. But the dist. is a pre 84 and that is for standard lifter engine it has a different pitch than a Roller motor and has to be changed to a roller cam gear .
  16. Your posts are the ONLY ones on the web I can find that says the pitch is different. I believe you are confused. I have never read that in any Mustang/ ridding magazine either and I did the E7 block swap .
    Here is a source if they let me quote it.
  17. I thought all Ford small block distributors ran the same gear. I made a mistake once of installing a 351M dist. In my 351W once. The difference, I learned, was in the diameter and pitch. To solve the problem, (at the track, mind you) I pulled a dist. From a 3.8 which was in an LTD II which had been used under a monster truck event, (I got lucky that the dist. Was still in one piece under that wrinkly hood.) removed that gear, and put it on the 351M dist. We raced it all season like that.
  18. If I recall right, a 351w gear outside is the same as a 302, but the shaft drive is different on the bottom ( and maybe the length????) I never thought about a 351c or m being able to swap or not. Glad it worked for you!
  19. Firing order is different from an HO motor to non HO motor
  20. I did find out that the HO motor does have a different firing order after about 3 days of tinkering with it until I called Blueprint and they told me what the new firing order was.