Distributorless Ignition System thoughts

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  1. Is our timing THAT messed up to make this worth it performane wise? Or is it really just worth it for looks/unqiue braggin rights part?
  2. Like i mentioned in my first post. I have a machine shop make the timing ring fit on my 28oz balancer from an explorer balancer. Since it was there first time I took them a few days just to figure out how to do it.

    The distributor isn't that bad. Its just as time and wear when you start loosing timing. The other thing with the Coil on Plug you have no plug wires going bad. With a distrbutor you have some many things that can affect your timing that can go bad. With Distributorless Ignition you eliminate alot of the problems. Plus braggin rights is nice also.. I love the look of no distributor and no plug wires running all over the place.
  3. Call me old fashioned, but I personally love the look of a dizzy and some nice thick wires.:D

    :D Dont ge me wrong the idea of a COP system for our 5.0's seems kewl enough, especially the obd2 factor. But like I said for my 5.0 I will stick with an old fashioned dizzy.
  4. so danny,

    thanks for all the info. you clearly know how all this works and are the guy i'd look to for info on this.

    i think i'd like to go to a DIS without the COP and keep my current computer, staying OBD1. maybe later, after the DIS thing is working, we can look into the COP thing more...

    can you put together a whole kit for a 410 with wiring and instructions? including the trigger wheel attachment for the balancer too? or would it be better if i sent my balancer to you to get the trigger wheel installed on it? i don't trust myself to be able to relay the right information to a local machine shop.

    if you don't want to post how much it would cost in this thread, then please feel free to send me a PM


    - chris
  5. Chris u have a PM

  6. MSD makes a dizzy plug to drive the oil pump
  7. Where did you get the wiring information to make all this work. I can handle any level of technical information you can throw at me so do not hesitate. I work for Denso and repair the equipment that builds all of the engine cpu's for our customers. Throw it at me and I will deal with the rest. I am looking into OBD 1 crank trigger. NOT COP, just the 99 V6 upgrade you mentioned.
  8. Hey, Danny
    Would you post a picture of the COP mounting brackets?
  9. Good info here, posting to bookmark for later. Going to COP is tempting since I will be going to Megasquirt.
  10. You can do it with stand alone systems like the AEM, but I don't see a huge advantage. Anything you can do with a COP, you can do with an MSD Digital 7. As unreliable as any MSD product is, it's still better than an AEM.