DIY air to air intercooler on Kenne Bell for 92 LX

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  1. Teaser fly by videos. Not enough clear road to do anything wild, but you can get an idea. The new change from 373 to 327 gears and the fat 315/40 drag radials makes for some good traction that I've have lacked for so long. 1st and 2nd gear blazes and third gear now pulls good, but still leaves 2 black marks in the rear view.

    YouTube - ‪Kenne Bell Mustang 363 A2A‬‏

    YouTube - ‪Kenne Bell 363 A2A Mustang drive by‬‏

    YouTube - ‪KB A2A Coolzilla 363 Stroker‬‏
  2. Sounds fantastic! Any plans to dyno it or take it to the track?
  3. Thanks my man, it does scream from the out side. I love to hear that KB scream. I'm still trying to get my tune worked out for the dyno and my computer crapped out on me 2 weeks ago. I do all my tuning via Quarter Horse and Binary Editor on my laptop. Hope to get it all worked out and get to th dyno in July.
  4. Friggen nice! :nice:
  5. mother of god that thing is nice.
  6. More Pics.
  7. Dyno in the morning with the new setup @11 psi 21* total A/F 11.2 I'm gonna use a gallon of Xylene mix with 10 gal of ####ty 91 octane gas to bump the octane to @ 93.5 just to be safe. It's a Dynojet however the operator swares his mechine is consistantly repeatable and not higher than a Mustang Dyno. I'm hoping for a clean run and no parts flying around including stock t-5.



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  8. Are those the new numbers or is that from the last time it was dyno'ed?
  9. 550 ft/lbs at 2000rpm. :drool:
  10. New numbers from this past weekend.
  11. those are some seriosly sick numbers!
  12. OMG, the torque is crazy. Especially love the stance of the car from the rear. Didn't think the 03 Cobra's would be so nice with zero lip on the rears but I was wrong. A 315 tire makes up for it. Great numbers and just a sick car.
  13. Thanks guys, I'm stepping up once more with smaller blower pulley looking for 14 psi and meth is back in the game.
  14. What heads and cam are in the car?
  15. Why meth with the cooler?
  16. Why not....cooler, plus Octane boost:nice:
  17. I get that part... but a couple things came to mind.

    - Generally, Meth induction is a pain in the ass
    - I'm pretty sure you're at or very near the RPM limit of that blower's internals (2.1L isn't it?)
    - What you gain in temp reduction from the meth is going to be offset by the heat gained in overspinning the blower (it'll likely be way outside of its efficiency range)
    - Last but not least... You've done a BEAUTIFUL job with that intercooler and the entire car! It's hard to imagine some wonky meth injection system in that engine bay.

    I vote for a cooling wet shot of N2O and window activated Nitrous tune. :)
  18. Thanks but I already have a trunk mount kit installed for 2 years now I just didn't use it with this new setup yet. It's a very reliable system and I'm only spraying a small shot to give a little kick of octane. I will be spinning the blower a little beyond it's efficiency however I'm sure the A2A and the added meth with soak up the added heat just fine. I data log everything and if I see ACT temps beyond reason I will back it down. At this point I'm only seeing 115* ACT at the end of a WOT run.
  19. Then just imagine how hot the ACT's would be without the meth cooling it down. I think you're looking at it backwards. The heat produced by overspinning the blower is offset by the water/methanol spray. And again...the increased octane is going to increase his margin of safety when it comes to timing.

    If I remember correctly, he's spraying both before and after the blower. I bet it pulls close to 100-degree's out of the air charge. That's a big deal!