DIY air to air intercooler on Kenne Bell for 92 LX

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  1. Here is a sneak peak of the early design of a new concept of an A2A intercooler manifold. It's a twist off and born out of my KB A2A project by a very talented mechinist and designer who I am working with on his design and idea of the A2A manifold. The project is right now at the mockup stage as you can see and some very minor adjustments are being done for fitment. The SCREWCOOLER as I I've been calling it will likely offer compatibility with the standard and Flowzilla inlets and will incorporate a bypass provision that still needs to be worked out. The discharge air works in a reverse order than the KB concept or even my A2A. Also this will be made to work with the all older 1.5,1.7, 2.2 and even the newer 2.1 Big Bore series compressors. I'm offering a sneak peak at this to gauge interest in sales. We would like you feed back on this to better be able to plan for the marketing ability of this project. I am very excited and could not be more pleased to have found a very credible and talented designer who could take this A2A concept to another level. Now it's up to pushrod crowd side of the Mustang nation to decide if they want to have a cool running KB like the modular motors have enjoyed.
  2. So far, so good man! :nice:

    Will you be selling a complete kit?

    Oh... and find a good way to get to that rear passenger side plenum bolt! :fuss:
  3. Sign me uP if you get it to work for the older 1.5s. Beats trying to build one myself. Interested to see what the pricing would be. Be sure to keep us informed. Cant really see it clearly but it looks like theres no longer access to the center bolt on the driver side...?
  4. Easiest way Ive found to conquer bolting it down is studs for the two rear drivers side bolts with a distributor wrench and a hex flange bolt for the rear passenger side and using a flex head ratchet wrench to secure it. Works great.
  5. The rear bolt near driver will always be an issue as it's the Flowzilla and the case length that dictate how tight that is. Likely it will be a stud with a small 12 point nut used there. As far as a kit goes at this time we are only looking into offering the manifold, but everything will be taken into consideration. And if your interested I'm currently selling my intercooler and pipe kit as I'm upgrading to a larger 3.5 inch pipe system. Here is my auction thread.
  6. Are you going to design for something other than the stock/GT-40 lower manifold? I would think your particular combination would benefit a tremendous amount from using a Trick Flow R lower. I know in out A2W set up we gained at least 60 whp from the better flowing lower, and ours is only a 331 cid engine. With over 360 cid on board don't sell yourself short if your going through all of this design time and effort anyway.
    By the way.........nice work!
  7. I will be using the Trick Flow R lower and have been working on modifying my current manifold for that. The new Screwcooler intake will likely not be ready in time for me to use. The possibility of making it work with both GT40 and Trick Flow R would be nice.
  8. Food for thought....making the inlet/outlet taller would significantly increase flow. If you made the mount plate system modular you make it work with just about any lower intake. And last but not least a remote mount air to water IC would work really well with this design...strong work shawn
  9. Badass! Judging by the popularity of the scratch built A2A stuff over on the corral, I would say this definitely has a marketable future. Good work, man!
  10. Holy crap, I thought you were satisfied with 685ft. lbs from the old system. You've got me interested in a KB set up with A2A from your threads.
  11. Thanks but credit for this design goes to Kurt the pattern maker on this project. Could you explain more what you mean by it making the mount plate system modular and how that could work with any lower intake??
  12. The flange is beefed up and we feel this can go with the center bolt between the intake and compressor. I would recommend using a high tack gasket maker on both side of the paper gasket and sealing with be complete.
  13. if you can make the mating surface to the lower intake removable, then different plates could be designed to match the different lower manifolds out there.
  14. Thatd be awesome if it worked but I suspect it would be difficult to design a setup that you could guarantee wouldnt be a vac leak and not interfere with the ability to securely bolt it down.
  15. New to this site joined just to be able to get in touch with you about air to air intercooler . Did you sale original or are new ones available for sale also what type lower intakes new ones are going to bolt up to be nice if could use better lower than cobra. Shoot me an email at [email protected]
  16. Alright..... the beast fits under the hood! and the back inlet clears the hood by .5" and near that at the fire wall. Right know I'm working on the outlet transition into the fender it's a some complicated angles made more complicated by the 4" pipe. The bypass provision is now in a very compact area and has a small pipe with 2 short 90 degree angles to mate the bypass to the flange which is also being worked on. I really like the look of it all except for the cool side pipe coming up behind the alternator and valve cover, at that point I don't care for the look of the bend it works but is not pleasing to my eye. Way too much radius for me, needs to be a longer straight shot with a sharper curve at the valve filler neck area. Also the 5" pipe and the cool side just missed lining up and the angle from the throttle body is off as well. These are all small things and are more form than function issues. In all I have to be proud that this idea and new concept has once again been reborn. Here are a couple shots for now.

  17. Wow... you're doing some pretty amazing things over there man! :nice: I can definitely appreciate all of the tongue holding you guys had to do, to come up with that design. o_O

    I skimmed back through some of the posts and didn't spot it right away but, what size blower are you using for this current project? It looks like one of the LC versions.
  18. It's the 2.8 liter LC version H series designed for above 15 to 23 psi. Stay tuned for more A2A mania.
  19. Wow...only .5" clearance? You sure that's going to cut it....espeically when the engine twists and "torques" when you're on it?
  20. The Flowzilla inlet that I have installed on mine now, has even less. I even had to use a brass punch on the firewall seam to gain the clearance I needed for the install.