DIY air to air intercooler on Kenne Bell for 92 LX

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  1. I have more clearance now than with the Flowzilla not much more but a little bit.
  2. Nice work. Looking forward to seeing some performance numbers from that bad boy:hail:
  3. Thanks man I will keep you guys informed and likewise with your project.
  4. For anyone who follows my progress here is a little update on my current winter projects and progress. I have moved on from the stock programming the EEC and dropped the MAF and have moved on to a stand alone tuning system based of the MegaSquirts which is manufactured by Bowling & Grippo. You can by there products in several ways fully PNP or build you own with the boards. Right now there are 2 companies that have taken there products and make there own PNP ECU's and or you can build your own. Here are the links to them if interested. Stinger PIMP is what I went with and is based of the Microsquirts board, which is the just that a smaller more compact version and it's a fully PNP system. The do support both TFI distributor or EDIS type ignition systems. The injector drivers are limited to either 8 High Z (high impedance) or 4 Low Z (Low Impedance) and it is a batch fire system. I decided for me it wasn't all that important to have the sequential injection and I'm using Siemens Deka 80lb high Z injectors so it will be fine.

    The other company selling the Megasquirts is and they sell many different levels to build your own to PNP ECU setups. They do Offer Sequential injection and also offer 8 low Z injector drivers with true dedicated injector driver boards but not all in the same unit so you would have to pick which you need.

    At this time I have not installed it yet as I'm in the process of redesigning my bypass since I won't have the MAF I can change my bypass to recalculate from the cool side of the intake after intercooler. I am also contemplating maybe doing a dual bypass setup thinking that the small 1.5 OD bypass is not bypassing all that air from large 2.8L compressor and at my pulley level it's really pushing some are at idle for sure. I'll post up some pics soon.

    Also looking into a new clutch and am almost completely sold on a dual disc clutch like the McLeod Twin disc system Offered on the RST with organic disc 800flyHP and the RXT 1000flyHP with a dual friction disc both offer lighter than stock pedal effort and smooth chatter free engagement and bolt on to your stock flywheel. The other offering if a flywheel is needed is the Original twin rated at 1200flyHP with organic disc but larger 10.5" and heavier pressure plate.

    Another company out of Michigan called Clutch dynamics Inc. they build custom clutches for many applications and also have designed a twin clutch system that I think I'll be going with. They offer the same pressure plate and disc setup comparable to the McLeod RST and RXT but for much less $$. They also are a much smaller business and are very easy to talk with and will sell replacement parts if needed and can rebuild disc and pressure plates for much less than replacing a clutch system like with McLeod.
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  5. Sweet man, let us know how the stand alone setup works for ya.
  6. I have the McLeod street twin disc set up in my car currently, and Walter had the same set up in his before he went with an AOD. They work fantastic on the street and have a light pedal effort. They do not like to be slipped tho. Also the initial cost is kind of high, but they can be rebuilt with new components for less than buying new again. It will be interesting to hear your feedback on the Clutch Dynamics set up. I also am switching to an auto, the 4R70W. But then again both Walters car and mine are more for Drag Racing only nowadays.
  7. Thanks for the info I was looking at the Original twin like you have since it comes setup with the flywheel made for the clutch. Mcleod says the Original street twin differs from the RST/RXT twin disc in pressure plate it 2500 vs 1800 RST/RXT so stiffer pedal the street twin also has larger discs since it uses a specific flywheel and no mounting ring they use a 10.5 inch disc as apposed to the smaller 9 inch on the RST/RXT.

    I don't need the holding capacity of the street twin and it may be way to much for my Liberty prepped TK0600. I just talked with clutch dynamics today and he will be working on my clutch this weakend he builds them as needed and really is just getting started up with these. I'll LYK how it goes.
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  9. The winter project is coming together nicely, got the new Twin disc clutch in and all is well nice looking piece and bolts up great. The 1" extension mod I did on my clutch fork really help with pedal effort and cable alignment. Lakewood steel bells are wider and require a longer fork. I just cut and welded in a 1 inch piece right before the cable hook hole. There is a bit of playing around with the adjustable pivot stud for the clutch fork to get proper pedal clutch release. Because the twin clutch thicker with the extra disc and mounting plate you must adjust in the pivot stud. I had to bring mine in close to and inch and even had to ground flush the stud as it was stick out the back after and would have interfered with the trans mounting to the bell. Also the new Trans girdle I made fit perfect. I topped it off with a new MGW shifter which is so sweet, they make a really solid product and it really shortened up the shift pattern.

    Also finished with my fabrication and welding project for the new dual bypass system. I bought a Everlast TIG185 AC/DC inverter style TIG welder and practiced for about 2 weeks until I was confident enough to weld on my intake. Biggest challenge for Alum TIG welding is joining different thickness of metals like say 1.5MM pipe to a sand cast 1/4" intake and whenever you have gaps in the metal it gets tricky and want to burn through if your not careful. In the end I was really happy with the results and that I finally got to learn a skill set that was on the top of my list.

    IMG_0101_zps794e682d.jpg IMG_0100_zpsebd00dc8.jpg
    New Twin Clutch with ceramic button disc go for 1000 plus HP
  10. Great job on the girdle! :nice: I wonder if maybe two jamb nuts on each side might help to keep the adjustment on the girdle exactly where you set it?
  11. Yes thats what I did and works great.
  12. Been off the boards for a while. Has there been any progress on the prototype intake you had mocked up? If not are you taking manifolds in yet, I'll send mine tomorrow! No rush!
  13. The prototype is off the table for now, but you are in luck man as I'm on for a A2A fabrication project. I'll send you a PM for details.
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  14. Awesome. Yeah just let me know all the details. Thanks for the quick reply.
  15. Check your inbox sent you a detailed message.
  16. I've been watching your build for a long time it's a great one btw. I've been prepping my build for a a2a set up like yours since 2005. Are you services still available to fab one up for me? If not I really do appreciate all the threads there is plenty to go off of for the shop I'll take it to. Gorgeous car bud!!
  17. I do offer modification to the KB manifolds with compact bypass provision. Here is my last customers manifolds ready to ship. I would need your manifolds and at least 4 weeks and could fit your into this this winter. PM me for details.
  18. I'm currently running a standard lower with external bypass, my question can this setup be done w/o changing my lower to a gt40? Also will my bypass work if I move the location? Thanks!
  19. The a2a can be done with the standard lower, however the external bypass with have to be changed. I have idea for that if interested.