DIY air to air intercooler on Kenne Bell for 92 LX

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  1. What do you figure its putting out for horsepower now? Might be time to upgrade your fuel feed line from the tank?
  2. What kind of fuel pressure regulator u using? Isnt 55 a bit high? Mabey back it down to 50. But I agree with your tuner, a blow through would be better. Where its at now its readings are always gonna be a couple milliseconds off causing the injector pulse to not be wide enough as it builds boost.
  3. Still not sure iwas going Friday but my fuel issue has to be resolved first. Maybe 450-470.

    I have a stock FPR so fuel pressure is stock it reads 40 psi at idle vac connected under boost I see 55 psi and it holds there. I'm gonna put on a larher pulley and back it down to 9 psi and see what what happens to the A/F.
  4. Yesssss.....I just got a word from Mike Associate Editor of 5.0 Mustangs and Super Fords magazine. He said they will be running my car in the Sept issue of the magazine and will be adding it to there online showcase. Nice....I would have never thought 10 years ago when I started turning wrenches on my car that it would be worthy of interest for a magazine.
  5. thats awsome congrats man
  6. congratulations man, you definitely deserve it!! it looks like a chrome squid is trying to drag your motor into the briny deep :D
  7. Congrats mang, I knew it would make it! :nice:

    Few suggestions though since the world now gets to see it. Get some nice CC plates or paint yours and add the chrome caps. Get rid of the NAPA battery and put in a red top. Change the upper rad hose to a polished one to match the intake piping. Also, can you make a pipe to replace the vacuume cleaner hose on the bypass valve? Also, get rid of the white wire ties and get black ones so they dont stand out. Also repaint the brackes for the vacuume tree and the sensor next to it.
    Its all small stuff but will change the engine bay from pretty nice to "wow, thats clean!"

    Just my .02 :shrug:
  8. looks like your front bumper is smiling now
  9. In the process of tuning new PMAS HPX slot style blow through meter with Binary Editor and Moates Quarter Hoarse tuning system. Holy crap I have a lot to learn and the HPX meter is really giving me a hard time to get it to even run. I'm in the process of tweecing the MAF curve now.
  10. Update on the tunning got it to run after countless hours of tuning reading and posting my problems on EEC forums. I'm learning and its starting to come together. The car starts and runs pretty good know just need to fine tune some issues.
  11. Your best bet with tuning is usually to find a dyno tuner, or "real world" tuner who will drive your car or dyno it and data log while driving it and make adjustments to the tune as needed. Those mail order tunes are just asking for trouble, you just can't account for all the little idiosyncrasies of every car by going off what the owner says is under the hood.

    BTW, I think your setup is SICK and am contemplating doing the same with my Kenne Bell 331!! Thanks so much for posting all the details and parts you used!
  12. Must use bigger fuel lines. Stock lines will eventually destroy that engine. Suggest -8an feed with a -6an return. Fuel injectors should be big enough. With the proper feed and return lines, you can keep the pressure at 40 psi at WOT. With 1 psi increase of pressure per pound of boost. Remember when pressure goes UP.......volume goes DOWN!
  13. 92 you have my dream fox. Except for stock widened and skinnied rims and yellow corners. Love the stock hood. And the KB with extra whine. There are too many foxes with 4" cowls and flows that are non functional around my way. Pretty but slow.
    You need to post some idle/rev vids and a burnout vid, and a pull or two for us. MUCH PROPS! LX Tails.
  14. check out 5.0 magazine page 152.
  15. what did you end up churning out HP wise
  16. Pardon my stupidity but what does that mean?

    You really need to get her on a dyno for a proper tune. I gotta get the magazine, is it a full feature or what? I was hopeing that you would have the tune done before the photo shoot so you could post some numbers.
    If more people got to see a before/after power gain for the mod maybe it would get KB to build it. :shrug:
  17. Sorry for the late response. Speed cut pullies have slots cut in them, this helps with grip as the edges provide more. I have recently gone with a smaller pulley 2 3/8 inch and sent it to Dynotune MP Mike Post for a new process called carbonite coating which makes the pulley feel like 100 grit sand paper. I should get the pulley back this week I'll let you guys know how it works.
  18. You should start off all your posts this way Bill. :D
  19. :lol: