DIY air to air intercooler on Kenne Bell for 92 LX

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  1. just wondering what kind of tires your runnin on the back?, i see tires are spinning on video but just love to see exactly what kinda power car makes with a little more room coming out of that spin and hearing what she got. I am a foxbody lover and love to see any innovation with foxbodys what u have built looks like a engineering masterpiece, just love to see that **** opened up and screaming like holy hell:shrug:
  2. that thing sounds and looks nasty, very nicely done... blower whine is a very addicting sound, ask me how i know :D
  3. I was never really going for MAX HP with my car just wanted a fun street car and KB's make street cars fun. The A2A project was an attempt to control the high temps caused by KB's. I must admit that I should be making more power, and think I could be with an other than stock cam. I also didn't have the best situation at the dyno for making power. I think I'll have better numbers next spring.
  4. I hear ya, i liked the build and its actually pretty impressive that its still on the stock cam. I didnt realize that when i made the power comment. The air to air thing is cool, that was some serious fab work done that a ton of people(including KB staff) would have ran from.

    People do tend to get stuck on numbers too, i think the car would run pretty good at the track, if you could find a way to transfer all that tq to the ground that would be someting
  5. Love everything about your custom fab job. Keep up the good work. Can't wait for updates.
  6. Not the best tires but they're new Falcon FK-452, 265-40-17 with 3:73 gears and 500ftpt the rubber has no chance. I need to address traction soon, I'm thinking 3:27's and NT555R drag radials 275-40
  7. dude throw the nitto's in the trash, they will spin almost just as bad, just go straight for the mickeys..
  8. man, this HOLE thread i just finaly read helped me sooooo much, i am going to be doing a NEW build on my 94 gt mustang , the difference.... no air to air, inside BOTH fenders will be air to/water intercoolers in front a cooler from a 2003 to normally keep the fluid cool on the street and a giant 5 gallon ice bucket set up in the trunk for the track. I also plan on using the NEW 3.6 kenne bell as it hits the market

    CURRENT NUMBERS and info

    94 mustang gt
    347 stroker 2.1KB with 15 PSI 2 3/8ths pulley NO SLIP manuel tensioner
    car is putting out 500 at the wheels and driven ALOT on the street.

    oh and the mickey T drag radials 6-8k miles on street life BARELY chirp 2nd i have videos.... under crappy conditions though
  9. Very nice glad to hear you got some ideas here, I'm allways game to help out if I can. I have not heard of this 3.6 KB, is that for a pushrod motor spounds very interesting though. I would like a link to you video.
  10. FYI, vortech is making a twin screw for pushrod cars now too.
  11. Their Twin Screw is just a rebadged Lysholm....and they're only producing replacement blower upgrades for existing Modular Engine layouts ('03/'04 Cobra, 2nd Gen Lightning, GT500)...not pushrods and not complete kits.
  12. initial conditions/ 20 mile road trip before 3 passes/ 3000 foot index day between temp and humidiy everyones times were off .5 that day and this was my second pass ever with the car with blown rear control arms

    supercharger stang drag Video by John - MySpace Video
  13. "comming in the early summer"

    New Block

    :lol: love the car the video and if your a short brunette maybe even YOU
  14. Man I love this thread. This is just absolutely amazing. I want to do this with my Kenne Bell but have the intercooler on top the supercharger under my hood scoop. Kinda like Subaru Setup.

    Killer car man! :nice:
  15. im going to start this project in about two weeks, im just waiting on my gauges, bolts and gaskets.... should be awesome.
  16. Since my manifolds are off I thought I would take some pics of the inside of the inside of intake where the 3" pipe was welded. When I did this project the first time I never got pics of these transitions.


    Here is the inside of the discharge side going into the GT-40 lower manifold.

    Here is the bypass flange that I cut and rewelded backwards to fit in that very tight spot.

    Here is the piece of angle I cut out of the original KB bypass flange.

    Inside of the drivers side manifold to pipe transition. After the welding I did alot of blending and grinding to make the transition smooth.
  17. I just want to give and update as my car is up and running for the spring. I'm now seeing 16.5 to 17 psi with my 8 rib pulley setup and smaller 2.5" KB pulley. I'm using one 9gph meth nozzle and hope to get a dyno run with my new setup soon. I just heard from another who saw this thread here and used it to build his own A2A congratulations to jj89fox I hope he will post up pics and results.
  18. hey 92rohcp i am using a picture of your car for a speech project, hoping you don't mind i would love to show it to more people. this is one of my favorite cars on here.
  19. Thats great, I'm happy to have you use my car for your project any pics I posted are yours. You could also use my you tube video here.

    YouTube - 92 Mustang 2.1 Kenne Bell intercooled