DIY air to air intercooler on Kenne Bell for 92 LX

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  1. Very cool set-up I'm currently doing an air to air intercooler set up on my 1994 GT with a Kenne Bell I'll post a link to You tube when I'm done with my final set up. Not to many of us out there willing to invest in getting the Kenne Bell to perform the way we would like. I'm shooting for about 450 hp when I'm done should get there with 12-14 psi.
  2. Stud mount rockers, right? So, how did you get the valve covers to clear the rockers?
  3. Stangstroke good luck with your project, it's not as hard as it looks and you will be rewarded with mass power generated from a cool running KB :)

    NickwaoC the only thing I had to do was hammer in my oil filler neck baffle. I also used the steel core with rubber gasket that is a little thicker.

  4. That ford steel gasket is the best one out there, can be reused a ton of times
  5. It's settled then, that's what I'm doing for my build. Thank God, too, I didn't want to spend money on VCs. I like the stock ones.
  6. Got it running yesterday, started and idles well after some tweaking with BE. Still need to work on some fine tunning idle transitions. All in all I'm happy and it sounds mean. I'm in the process of buffing the paint out now and wanted to post a couple of pics up here.

  7. Holy hell that thing is badass. Looking forward to new power numbers. :hail2:
  8. wow, smoothing that engine bay was worth it. I looked up bad ass in the dictionary and all that was there was a picture of your car. very nice.
  9. Haters got to hate. So I hate you. /jealousy. By the by what core intercooler/aftercooler size did you use? I noticed you lost some psi but gained some power. Sometimes the intercooler can be too big, not allowing the flow of air. Basically the air is meandering around. Just as it can be too small, not cooling it properly.
  10. It's a CX racing 12x31x3 with 3" inlet outlet. I don't think its to big as I have instant max psi anywhere after 1,500 rpm. Took me along time and hard efforts to get to this point and there are still many cars I'm jealous of.
  11. He dropped boost pressure and gained horsepower because he went from the stock 302ci displacement, to a large volume 363ci displacement, not so much because of the size of his intercooler. :)

    92rohcp, love the '03 Cobra wheels. Much better than the ones you had on their previously. :nice:
  12. I'm hiring a private detective to get enough dirt on you so that I can blackmail you into mirroring that aftercooler setup into my car. :D

    I drool over this thread every couple of weeks... I'm sure someone has asked you this before but, have you entertained the thought of putting this thing (including the modified pressure manifold) into a kit of some sort??

    I can't see you not making a mint from something like that. I'd like to place my order now! :nice:

  13. This :nice:
  14. More pics with better light.
  15. no wonder your able to get so much done, look at all the freaking snow you guys still have on the ground!
  16. great looking car one of my favorites
  17. Fappity fap fap fap. That is one of the sexiest, if not THE sexiest Fox engine bays I have EVER seen. I can't WAIT to see power numbers once you have this thing ironed out!
  18. MAINE! I thought I was the only one on :SNSign: nice work! :nice:
  19. So have we any new numbers, or driving impressions with the new 363ci stroker? :shrug: