DIY: Home Made Car Ramps?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by V8302stangs, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. Hey guys, I remember seeing a good little DIY on how to build your own car ramps, and was wondering who out there has either built your own or knew of any good internet sources of 411. I could speculate on how to build but it is good to know any tips someone might have. I work at an Ace hardware and have access to a lot of hardware for employee discount.
  2. Just depends on what you want to make it out of, how much you want to spend and how much time you want to spend building them. Given that you can buy them for $30, it seems much easier to do that.

    I could actually design some ramps out of wood or steel but it wouldn't be worth the hassle for you. Then again, with DIY ramps, you can make them any size you want :D
  3. has a little story in the tech or articles section on how to make some out of wood. pretty kool idea when u take into account a lot of cars are lowers and need something custom to keep em from rubbing or fitting period.
  4. Thats about the safest ramp you'll get away with there. I would have used 2x12's and chamfered the corners off each step.

    Another idea would be to creat a box and extend the top of the ramp long enough to drive the whole car onto. then pull the ramp away and you have the whole car lifted 10" or so.
  5. Yea some 2x12's stepped would work out fine. But like zero said they are cheap to buy. Just get some plactic rhino ramps from autozone and be done with it. Stay away from the metal ones.
  6. I have cold formed steel ramps right now and they're fine. What I like about those though is that they came with locking plastic transition ramps so they don't slide away as you try to get onto them.
  7. Honestly man, I suggest you just go and buy a set.. You can get a set for under 50 bucks and atleast they're safe [I have no intent of putting down your craftsmenship with that.] I mean, is your life really only worth 50 bucks?
  8. I'll stick with my rhino ramps. I like that they are not too long so I can still get under the car from the side rather than having to shimmy down the length of the car...
  9. I did have some ramps but since I lowered my car they wont work. Guess I need to build some too.
  10. I use steel ramps. I keep a jackstand under the car as well just in case.
  11. yup, safetest thing you can do while under a car is have some of those :)
  12. I built my own very easy think I got the idea from mustangworld or corral tech articles.

    Work great for changing oil or any other little things like that. There only about 3/4 of a foot tall but you have plenty of room to change your oil.