Diy Or Pay To Have It Done?

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  1. Got a new Borla Stinger cat back coming in the mail. I know I can do it myself. It is not outside of my ability. However, I don't know if I'm just being lazy, if it is the cold weather, or if it has something to do with my ordeals putting on headers but I kind of don't want to do it myself.

    How difficult is the job? Is it worth 100 to 150 bucks to have somebody else do it for me? Let me know your opinions. Thanks

  2. I always find DIYing much more personally satisfying...anybody with a credit card can pay to have something done.

    OTOH, exhaust work is a PITA without a lift ;)
  3. Yeah, I'm usually all for doing my own thing but the concrete in the midwest is awfully cold lately. Not easy on the back. The last cat back I did was years ago on a fox body and that was during the summer.
  4. If you've done headers on your 04, a cat back will be a breeze. At least all the bolts are down low. Worse comes to worse, a die grinder with a cutting wheel is your friend....
  5. Without a garage in this weather for sure pay someone.
  6. I have a garage but it is detached and not heated. Garage doors closed is the best I can do to keep the weather out. I really like the idea of cutting the old stuff off. That should be fun with the recip saw. Fighting the new pipes into to proper alignment is the painful thought.
  7. With weather cover I would do it, especially if you can get or borrow a heat source, like Kerosene torpedo heater or burners that go on top of a gas grill propane tank. Banging cold knuckles suck!
  8. Lots of web searches say that the Borla cat back is friggin easy to install. I'm going to tackle the thing, pretty sure. Got the saw. Just got to put the car up as far as I can and drench the hangers in pb blaster or wd40.
  9. life is too short to do boring ass ****ing exhaust work **** that!
  10. Not meant to steal the thread but my friend has a 99 cobra and he wants to go catless and straight no exaust. he knows it ilegal obviously but he wants to know if it will mess anything up besides the environment running it with no tune?
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  11. Leave the car in the garage running for a bit, close the door and have at it. Theres your free heat!
  12. why not sit in there with it while it's running. Maybe take a little nap. Dead but at least I won't be cold.

    Jose 27505, straight pipes sound terrible but I don't think that would require a tune. It will set of the MIL without MIL deletes or a tune. If he is doing long tube headers, better get a tune.

    Kilgore, you are correct. Yesterday, I paid $60 and kept my carcass of the frozen concrete. Pipes are on and easier to enjoy without the back, neck and headaches of doing it myself.
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  13. Borla stingers are on my list to get eventually, cant wait to hear them on your car!
  14. If the ice melts enough by tomorrow, hopefully I will get some drive time. Haven't had an opportunity to really hear them for myself. I'm fed up with the polar effin' vortex. Got to be better than the ole' welded in Flowmasters.

    I don't really have a means of getting sound clips up but I will work on it.
  15. I can not stress enough how much I hate the cold. That being said, if it were me and I did not have access to a lift...I would decide how bad I wanted it done now. If I wanted it done now, I would pay someone. If I could let it sit in the box until warmer weather, I would do it myself. Oh, and btw, sawzalls are the sh!t!
  16. What idiot would do that?
  17. Got some drive time today. Cruising on flat terrain, it has a nice low tone that isn't too intrusive. Under a load from about 2k rpm and upward, she starts to moan. Any sudden cracks of the throttle and it yells at you. Pedal to the floor and it's screaming. I love it, should have been done long ago.

    The Flowmasters got me through many years but they were kind of unrefined, which is what I was going for early on. I wanted the car loud and roaring when I first bought it. That was 155 less rwhp ago. With more power, it became another animal. The interior of the car had a tinny buzz about it from the low roar of the Flowmasters. The Flows were always ON, constant drone, all the time.

    The Borla sounds more like a sports car than a muscle car. More gradual and smooth than sudden and explosive with its tone and volume, if you get what I'm saying. Guess I'm getting older, I want my car to be a bit more sedate. I would recommend the kit to anyone looking for a new catback. The kit is four main pipe pieces, 2 sections to a side. Slip fit connectors from the mid pipe to the Borla pipes and a bag of miscellaneous hardware. Not overly complex and there is no need for too much adjustment. Put in on loose, give it a couple tweaks, torque it down and its on. I watched the tech put it together. Took about 45 minutes, including cutting the old pipes off. That wouldn't have been the case had I done them at home without a lift.

    Summit had a great price on the kit, so I'm glad I pulled the trigger. I can still wake up the neighbors but I can control it more to the point of doing so when I feel like it. Big thumbs up. :nice: