do a favor for a future mustang owner? PLEASE STANGNET!

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  1. my buddy ( Dillon ) is looking to buy this mustang from his brother.

    his brother only wants 1k for it.

    he was wondering if you guys could do a chop for him.

    he was wondering

    if one of you could photoshop it in black, red, and blue.

    with the black car with white cobra R's.

    then the rest with chrome cobra R's

    if anyone can do this. thanks. he really wants to get the car but would like to see what it would look like if he dose it this way. thanks.


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  2. Tell him to get on here and ask himself.
  3. u guys like puttin money into P.O.S's lol.. thats a 4 banger, it looks like its worth 7-$800
  4. It had 5.0 emblems on it at some point, it might not be a 4 banger.
  5. or 2.3 emblems.
  6. If you look at the side it obviously had 5.0 on it. Look at the old glue.
  7. it looks like it sits up too high in the front to be a v8.. and who would run those wheels with a v8 lol.. but hey neva know!
  8. the suspense is killing me.
  9. Who'd put spinners on a mustang, especially a fox........

    lol sorry, you set yourself up.
  10. it's a 4 banger. but runs great and has a new top. if you ask me worth a 1k easy. his bro just bought it last week for 1,200.

    you guys defintaly are opinionated lol.

    anyways. when the motor would blow he would put a 5.0 in. anyway. maybe sooner. he is either buying this or a ranger. of his grandpa. can you guys do it for him? yes or no?

    i just noticed that though 79 pacecar. my bet would be that Ryan took them off when he bought the car.

  11. Are you and all your friends named ryan?
  12. no i have no freinds named ryan bud.

    Dillon's brother name is Ryan.

    dillon has two brother's.
  13. Both his brothers are named ryan.
  14. ill do it after pinks goes off!!! well ill try!
  15. Im not sure if thats worth $1000...

    We grabbed this up for $1200... And threw the Cobra Rs on it for free :D. Car had new paint, new top, near mint interior and ran good. Hope this helps with one of the paint ideas he had. Also this pic might be easier to pshop?

  16. My dad bought this 4 popper for my sister for $1200. Your friend got screwed.

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  17. 79pacecar, same thing my dad did for my sister, 16th birthday gift. Then she got a 94 GT on 96 Cobra rims, exhaust, and CAI for her 18th Bday gift!

  18. no one is Ryan and the other is Shane
  19. I think my sister is getting a lap top for her 18th. The car came with those wheels, a decent top, and a decent interior, my dad put a new top on it, got it painted for her 17th b-day last june, I sold her my old cobra Rs for $100 and sold a couple of those centerlines.

    Its a pretty decent car, its needed all of the normal 13yr old car things. Its still the slowest thing I've ever driven though. I've driven it to school a few times to do alignments and stuff, and I was so board I was thinking of ways I could kill myself without wrecking the car lol.
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