Do all 03 Cobras sound like crap?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by a_turbo_stang, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. Hey all my neighbor has a 03 Cobra. Just installed off road x-pipe and a set of Flowmasters. This stang sounds like crap. It is just plain loud and not tough sounding. My brothers 02 GT sounds better than it. Same with my 93 Cobra. Do all of these 03 Cobras sound like this with o/r x pipe and mufflers? He thinks it is the fastest thing around.
  2. An xpipe and chambered (flowmasters for example) mufflers are a love it or hate it crowd. I don't think there is any middle ground in that combo. To answer your question, no, not all Cobras sound like garbage with an xpipe, o/r or not.

    I have a maggie catted xpipe and c/b, and receive nothing but praise on it. If you want your friend to have a tough sound, tell the person to use hpipes. Xpipes generally produce a racier sound, hpipes with chambered muffs will sound meaner.

  3. well....then he's not far from the truth

    and i agree, i've never heard of somebody sort of liking flowmasters. i love them, but theres much better sounding muffs than them.
  4. Yea I love flowmasters too. I have them on both of my stangs. Not sure if the Supercharger will make them sound different. At and aidle it sounds good. But when he gets on it, it just isnt the same. Sounds kinda like a LT1.
  5. go here:

    and click on pmoddys magnapacks and stinger vs. magnapack. That has to be the best exhaust I have heard hands down. Maybe thats why I have the same combo :)

  6. Nice link. This helped me decide to go with the magnaflow product.
  7. I have flowmasters and an o/r x-pipe with longtubes and I personally don't like the's not too bad at idle and cruising speeds, but when I get on it, it sound like a can full of marbles...I'm going with a Bassani catback...
  8. They didnt make an '02 Cobra.

  9. Sorry meant his 02 GT sounds better.
  10. all 4.6 mustangs basically sound the same. It isnt the car, its the exhaust.

    And yes, his 03 Cobra could kick the **** out of your car, and your brothers car.

  11. Sorry I have raced him and he did not win. But of course my 93 cobra is not stock.
  12. Hence the key word in his name A-TURBO-STANG.

    Something is brewing under his hood!

    PS: A-T-S, do you have any turbos layin around? PM me.

  13. BINGO! :banana:

    I am not saying the Cobras are Crappy I am just saying this one sounds horrible. I like them and they look badass. Its just this is the only one in the area and it isn't very nice sounding. Can not hear the supercharger over the exhaust. I would love to have one but not up for another car payment right now.
  14. I love my Bassani setup, can't get enough of the sound. :nice:
  15. i had a bassani o/r x pipe with flowmasters on a 01 cobra it sound like crap i put my dynomax mufflers back on.sounded alot better thinking about a magnaflow setup on my 03
  16. i had a bassani o/r x pipe with flowmasters on a 01 cobra it sound like crap i put my dynomax mufflers back on.sounded alot better thinking about a magnaflow setup on my 03.
  17. I got a bassani X pipe on my 97 Cobra with cats, but cut them off and are mated to a pair of HOOKER mufflers. IT sounds VERY EXOTIC, not even close to a Mustang.
  18. I run JBA shorty headers through a Magnaflow catted X and a Magnaflow cat back... nothing but compliments from everyone thus far... It's quiet enough to idle out of the neighborhood at 1 AM without making the dogs bark or the car alarms go off, yet when I mat the fu*$ker she screams with authority...

  19. In a way, I kind of like the sound of the stock exhaust. I like hearing the blower whine. I wish that it was less restrictive, though.

    Hey, Meat, how do you like the JBA shorties? I have been thinking about getting a set of Kooks long-tube step headers over the winter, but I am always up for suggestions.

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  20. I love 'em for what they are! Haven't been to the dyno yet to see what kind of gains I got but my SOTP meter says there was a little in the mid-range and a good bit up top! I went with the JBA shortys for a couple of reasons... They replace the stock manifolds and save about 15+ pounds of weight over the cast iron stockers. Because they are a direct replacement for the stock logs my existing Magnaflow X-pipe did not have to be ditched or modified in any way. No worries getting the transmission in and out with shortys either if there ever is a need to. They are also CARB certified (Only header out there currently that is BTW) and last but not least I don't EVER have to worry about ground clearence issues and scraping!


    P.S. I would NEVER recommend headers for an '03 though for just the casual owner. The cost/time of installation far outweighs the marginal gain in HP/TQ you'll get. Headers just aren't a good bolt on when looking at $ spent vs end results. The ONLY reason I added them to my car was the engine was already out for the head swap (Tick TSB) so there was little to no installation charge involved!!!