Do all 03 Cobras sound like crap?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by a_turbo_stang, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. I've got an 03 Cobra coupe with a Bassani off-road x pipe and a Flowmaster catback, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! There is nothing else out there that sounds as mean as Flowmasters in my opinion or gets as much attention. I can't tell you how many compliments I get on my exhaust note. I've got a lot of friends with Magnaflows on their Cobra's and they don't sound a tenth as good as mine. Before I purchased the Flowmaster catback, I listened to a lot of different exhaust setups but none of them sounded that aggessive. I guess I'm just a Flowmaster man. :nice:

    2003 Cobra Coupe
    Solid rear axle w/ 3.90 gears
    470 rwhp
    475 rwtq
    [email protected] (w/ 1.964 60')
  2. I just installed and remove my bassani o/r x pipe on my 03 cobra with flowmasters. It was the worst sounding crap I have ever heard. Btw, Anyone want to buy a used bassani o/r x pipe?
  3. by far the best thing you can do to make these things sound good is the UPR catted Xpipe and a Borla stinger cat back!
  4. Never even new that UPR made an X-pipe!? I wonder whose design they used...

    I will say that I like the sound of Flowmasters when they are installed on the old school 5.0's, but keep 'em off the '03! Makes it sound like crap...kind of gives it that old-Southern-redneck-hole-in-the-muffler-I-can't-afford-a-real-exhaust-kind-of-sound.


    P.S. Exhaust sound is an acquired taste, to each his own.
  5. looks very close to a Dr. Gas. nothing like a bassini
  6. ...

    Yeah I havent heard a system I really love yet. I had the 01 Bassani sytem on my 01 GT X pipe and cat back. I LOVED IT

    I havent had the opportunity to hear the complete Bassani system on the 03. Everyone I have met has a combo.. LIke Bassani X PIPe and Mac cat back or something else. They sound good, but not nearly as good IMOP as my 01 GT did.

    Magnaflow is nice, but still it just doesnt sound as good to me as my 01 GT did with the BASssani X and cat back...
  7. Does anyone make an h-pipe for the 03's?
  8. any midpipe for a99+ gt fits..

    a turbo stang.. didnt know you had a turbo.. tell your brother to do $1500 in mods and then race..
  9. a turbo stang.. didnt know you had a turbo.. tell your brother to do $1500 in mods and then race..[/QUOTE]

    He might have to do more than that to keep up with the 03 Cobra's. The GT's in my opinion are too slow for there hp. His runs 14.20's I would think they would run better than that. Don't they have around 260hp? I know the Cobras run high 11's correct? Pretty good for a car off the showroom floor.
  10. no

    THe cobras run mid 12s off the floor.. low 12s with drag radials and
    11 with chip/pulley or ....exhaust/chip or any combo of a number of other mods...
  11. I agree with Uncle Meat, exhaust is an acquired taste...everybody is gonna have something different in mind. I have a Bassani o/r X with Flowmasters and I loved it, tons of compliments and a few people didn't agree with it, but I liked it... I've since installed LT's and had to shorten the xpipe up to make it fit, it sounds worlds different now but I've grown to like it sort of...its not nearly as loud as it used to be which is good I guess...but when you get on it she screams....
  12. Yep exhaust tone is a totally personal thing. Everyone likes somethign a bit different.

    As for myself, I'm planning on a Dr Gas X mated to some Magnapacks. Has anyone heard this combo in person? On paper this setup would sound very good to me.
  13. That combo will not allow you to idle out of the neighborhood unnoticed at night...but it will sound very sweet when you "mat it".


  14. :stupid: Yeah, that combo is gonna scream! Be prepared... :p
  15. I have a UPR o/r X-pipe and welded in original flowmasters. I love the sound. It has a deep bark to it, sounds like a very big p!ssed off creature roaring or something.

    I went over to show my setup to my friend with a '95 Impala SS. He has longtubes, and a flowmaster american thunder catback. His car sounds awesome, the pinnacle of "muscle". Anyways, he loved the way my exhaust sounded. The impalas didnt come with any crossover, just two pipes straight back. He now wants to get an x-pipe becuase of me.

    Yes it's all personal preference, but I have only gotten compliments so far. The only drawback is the exhaust smell. Since my setup is now only piping, the exhaust reeks at idle. It's made me light headed on a few occasions. It's well worth it though!