Do any of you want Gmail?

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  1. If you don't know what it is - you probably don't care.
    In a nutshell, its like hotmail, but with 1000mb of free online storage.
    If you want it - just post, and I'll send out some invites. I have about 12 I think.

    For more Gmail info, go here:
  2. I still have 6.
  3. I've got do I get invites for people?
  4. I was wondering that too, I got it a couple days ago. Do you have to ask for the invites?

  5. I was told that they are at the top of your inbox. So I guess that Gmail hates me and put me in the time out corner because I dont get to invite either.
  6. wow, thats better than what I get with my website/email.
    I can give unlimeted emails out with as much space as my account has.

    cool deal though.
  7. They just send some to you when they feel like it I guess.
    It looks like this:
  8. 140's bud did that appear as soon as you got your e-mail or a while after it? Like is there a waiting period before you are allowed to invite?
  9. It first appeared just a few days after I signed up in a different spot. Then after I sent out those invites, it showed up there with 6 more.

    There doesn't seem to be an exact time or anything - but I think as you use it a few times - then within a couple of days it will send you some. That's from the best that I can tell anyhow.
  10. it takes a while to "Earn" them. I also have 6 available

  11. I have 1 gmail left First come First serve PM me

    This is posted in the Copocabana and in 2.3 Talk
  12. yup .. ive got a bunch aswell .. ive got a couple accounts with 6 in em ... probably 12 in total ... PM me if you want one.
  13. I know this is an old thread but it’s the only one I found about gmail :)

    I was just wondering if anybody still have some spare gmail invite to give away it would be much appreciated
  14. I have Gmail for about 3 months now and have never gotten the ability to invite people.
  15. E-Mail me at daltonb at gmail dot com and I will send you one.