do bigger alternators mess stuff up?

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by Saleen4971, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. im abotu to buy a new alternator. i found a 160 amp onlien for 210$ plus shipping. a guy at station (auto parts store) todl me that gettign bigger than stock woudl mess stuph up? because the car was designed for a 90 amp? the stock 90 amp is 120$. will a 160 amp mess anythign up? its a daily driver 93 grand cherokee btw
  2. It will not mess anything up. The only difference is that it has a higher current output, the voltage is still the same. However you may have to upgrade the power wire between the alternator and battery. The stock wire may not be big enough to handle 160 amps and there may also be a fusible link on that wire, which could blow if too much current passes through it.
  3. wel my moms willing to pay for a stock one, so ill just get that for now. the one in there now is fried. if i blast this one to pieces in a month, then ill get the 160
  4. Don't waste your money on another stock alternator. It's just going to die on you again anyway. Get the 130-160 amp and the wire to install it. I've done this to both of my foxes and i guarantee you'll be happier in the long run. Besides, it won't cost much more than a crappy stock replacement.
  5. I'm with Cue-Ball. Get the higher out put alternator now, in the long runs it's better :nice:
  6. so the extra current doesnt mess any of the other wires up? id be upgrading the stock 3 magic ones to like, 1/0 gauge, but it wouldnt burn up any other wires? or any computers, or functions?
  7. The current won't mess up anything as long as you upgrade the wire that goes from the alternator to the solenoid to 4 gauge or larger. The alternator still only puts out 12 volts, it just puts out more amperage. And there's not 3 wires that have to be upgraded. You just have to run ONE new wire (4 gauge, about 6 ft long) and splice ONE wire (the white/black one on the D connector). It's very simple. In fact, most of the "tutorials" on the Net make it more difficult than it is. I simply ran the new 4 gauge wire with fuse (purchased from PA Performance) and then spliced in the white/black wire with spade connector using vampire taps. I still have the "regular" alternator D connector on there. So, if something ever happens i can actually put one of the old style alternators back on in a pinch. Though, i don't forsee that ever happening.