Do current so called "cold air intakes" really give any power?

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  1. I DIDN'T claim my system posted 25 hp.

    I haven't posted any gains to my website and will refrain from doing so until the upcoming tuning sessions are completed.

    Mike Murillo is one of my outlets and a good customer also.

    As I stated the shootout gains will come out next month and the 05' GT benefits from and realizes a nice power increase with a well insulated CAI.

    Heat is the enemy of performance and the systems that post the best performance whether on a dyno or on the road are a well insulated plastic one.

    It's simple physics: metal conducts heat , plastic insulates.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and choice.

    I simply wanted to present the engineering aspects, materials, as a manufacturer that looks at all aspects of keeping the airflow COOL.

    I apologize if this is offensive but with the plethora of CAIs on the market you'd be remiss to your family and employees to not let your market know about your product.

    I've always benefitted from my customer feedback on the forums to help evolve my systems. You have to present a product and it's particular attributes, get them in service, and see what the reponse, suggestions are regarding it.

    The ONLY performance gains I post to my site are the ACTUAL ones realized through INDEPENDANT testing.

    I'll post the gains from SCT / Blowby Racing when they are dynoed.
  2. You can provide more blah blah to the public while others have actually experienced the "claims". You did this and you did that but you havent done much or any testing on an 05 to call it like it is.

  3. BBR isnt a good place to dyno anything anymore, they are currently losing any good reputation that they had thanks to

    Of course this might change if they can bring their car to another unbiased dyno.

    Just a heads up.

  4. Dan, thank you for the heads up.
  5. lmao IM a PARTNER and a tech at murillo motor sports..
    One of the most respected ford tuner shops in the country.

    and i OWN a 06 and have made more then 100 dyno pulls on it already trying various things so dont even try to claim jack to me..

    its not blah blah, its hard fact, proven on my chassis dyno.

    i am 100 percent sure i have more pulls on my 06 then you do on your 05 already.

    of course if you like Ill personaly make pulls today to prove what i just said ill make a pull with the car JUST having reached operating temperature then ill let it sit there and idle for 10 minits and make another pull ..

    ill bet money right now the car wont lose more then 5 rwhp ..

    the people saying they are loseing all this power are the ones who are makeing dyno pulls on a COLD engine then loseing power as the engine reches operating temperature.

    this is NOT the rigth way to do things you should always reach operating temperature so you are tuneing for real world conditions..
    the only time you shouldnt is a dedicated drag car wich will have a cool down between rounds and be pushed to the line every time.

    or if you have a switch chip wich can be fliped then you can tune for a cold engine and just use that tune when the vehicle is at the track.

    anyone who tunes with a cool down period is doing nothing but trying to get a "number" for advertiseing .
  6. Tell Mike I've got these ready for the outlets if you want to test / evaluate it?

    Call the toll free shop # 866-509-7453 when it's convienient for you. I've only contacted a couple so far.

    The V6 system is being dynoed this Saturday. The independant tester is going to post the numbers stock, stock w/ Xcal tune / tune w/ CAI.

    I'd appreciate your evaluation with your tuning/track experience.

    With so many CAI choices see what you think of the 'value' differences with the quality of the materials / meter flexability / warranty / and system weight (only 5 lbs. including shield).
  7. i would be happy to do a comparison for you with the C and L if you like as thats what currently on my/the shop 06

    and im not biased if your unit proves suprior ill be the first to say so and post so .. we are a dealer for you after all

  8. I know you're not and like the other systems I've sent you guys, THE PROOFS IN THE PUDDING!!

    See what the weight comparison is also with the C&L.

    Just when I've gone with pulley upgrades I'll go alluminum over steel.

    Do you want a 'Ford Blue' or 'Lazer Red' filter?

    Thanks and have a great weekend!
  9. Either one black car so i think the red one wouldnt look to bad.
  10. "The proof of the pudding is in the taste."

    Saying the PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING is just ignorant.
  11. Cai

    Look into K&N Aircharger kit. They claim 15 HP without a tune, money back if not. Nobody else offers this guarantee. This is on our '05/'06's. I have one on order from Summit, $245.
  12. 1 Fastz, any dyno testing results yet?
  13. i had it on the dyno last night but ran out of time .. ill be done this evening.

    I can say that the tune for the c&l was totaly diferent then for yours.. the mass air transfer function is diferent so im getting it worked out so that the air fuel is nice and smooth then ill have numbers tomorrow
  14. Thank you for your time and expertise with the testing.

    SCT is hopefully completing their testing / tuning this week and these sessions will give me some good independant numbers.
  15. Yes get it done........

    I've been waiting a little over a month now for someone to get an 05 manual trans tune released.

    My filter in the "boxed" Demolet kit will be full of moth holes soon.

  16. I though you HAD to do a tune after installing one of these or the a/f ratios would be screwed up pretty badly? I do not want to reflash the car because of warranty reason...but would like more power.
  17. I signed up for the complete Mustang data base and have already ordered tuners for the V6s' as well as the GT's.

    Even my outlets have been trying to get SCT to 'GET ER DONE'.

    They assured me everything would be completed by the time the shootout article publishes, Nov. 15 th, but I'm doing my best to get the tuners prior to this.

    Thank you for your patience.
  18. REDZR; You DO HAVE to have a tune done with a system that's going to add an appreciable amount of airflow.

    I went with the 95mm meter / tuner to be able to 'tune as you mod' rather than have a system that 'MAY NOT' need a tune staying close to the factory 80mm airbox / inlet tube diameter, but not give the same end results as you do exhaust, etc..
    Jannety Racing is testing / fitting the system with the Saleen SC also which would still enable a 95mm meter rather than the 90 and not have do anything to the system as compared to adapting the 90 meter.
    I'll relate the SC results when I receive them.
  19. I'm not pi$$ed at you John.

    I just want a tune.

    I've tried them all (brands of CAI tunes)

    Steeda 80mm, 90mm, JMS, JLT, they all give the CEL light mostly right after startup.

    Of course they are smaller than the 95mm Demolet.

    Did you see Airaid's new CAI w/the stock O.D. venturi in the throat?
    Trick fks the system....still runs lean but the MAF doesn't know it.
    Not good for the motor I'm sure, which in turn makes me not trust their marketing/products/support/brand name.....

    Are we there yet?
  20. I'm in the same boat! I'm in no position to void my warranty by flashing the computer. If I were to get a C&L system and a programmer would I be able to set the car back up to the stock settings so that the dealer wouldn't know what I was up to?