Do current so called "cold air intakes" really give any power?

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  1. 1FASTZ;

    Were you able to get the testing / tune completed?

  2. j demolet . how does your intake compare to the jlt cai , as far as hp gains. they claim as much as 35 with a tune on a stock engine. would be nice eh? both jlt's and yours seem very similar. i do like the carbon fiber look of yours and the 95mm maf. does yours also come with a maf sensor. wasnt quite sure from your ad. looking forward to your responce. thx, vynle.
  3. If I were to get a C&L system and a programmer would I be able to set the car back up to the stock settings so that the dealer wouldn't know what I was up to?


    nevermind I found out what I needed to know on SCT's site. thanks though :)
  4. Also, I think the Diablo unit allows you to return to the stock tune at the push of a button, so 'yes' for them too.
  5. I have read thru these post, and see some vendors and tuners on here that have not mentioned something I noticed a few months back.
    The MAF on these cars in a removable snesor instead of being in a housing. I thinik that some of the CAIs like the JLT( I might be wrong here, but I think this explains somethings) have a larger Pipe Diameter. Which tosses off the MAF Calibration Table.

    With that said, the custom tunes account for this.

    So, if this is true. thats why the AFR gets off with out a tune, and then the companies that offer a predator or Xcal with a custom tune correct for this difference. I know MAF calibration can be a tricky issue to dial in correctly.

    Form what I see, it is a no brainer that the CAI kits flow more air. I also see that its a no brainer that you need a tune to exploit this.

    Are they worth $300 bucks? Probably not, but what else are you going to buy for that much that is so easy to install. Plus you need the tuner for the future anyways.

    With all that said. The tuner/CAI/Pullies is my next step. Then onto Long Tubes.
  6. My system does have a separate 95mm CNCd MAF housing for the sensor.

    It's also rotatable for driveability and checking different gains @ different positions on the dyno.

    The gains you'll see coming out in magazine testing, etc will easily justify the price plus the 'future' tuning abilities with the SCT Xcal2.
  7. DeMolet, i wish you had answerd my question!!! lol thx , vynle.:Damnit:
  8. Vynle, I APOLOGIZE, as I hadn't seen your post and just now went back to read it.

    I'll usually click on very briefly while I'm working.

    The shootout article will do a great job of comparing all the popular systems.

    Jay makes really nice systems and his works great!!

    I figured that his, mine, and Andersons were all going to be similar, especially his and mine in the plastics. And I now see many other ones also in the plastic.

    We'd have to have someone analyze both systems for an truly objective opinion.

    The ways I wanted mine to be different from all the others were based on my building and installing the Prototype system and my past metered system expierience.

    The radiator hose is a huge heat source with running a straight 4" tube in this area.
    I knew from seeing this that I wanted a full surround shield to raise the tube above the radiator hose, and I have also added a polycarbonate molding on the bottom of the tube to be an extra hear barrier between the TB pipe and the radiator hose.

    Even though the ABS is 1/4" thick having worked with the carbon fiber for several years now I wanted to add the extra heat insulation with the carbon fiber, and still love how it looks, and double layer the carbon fiber at the bottom of the TB pipe above the polycarbonate molding. This way I knew I'd done all that is possible to keep the TB pipe as cool as possible.

    With the 96-04 metered systems the flow-bench testing that Pro-M had done with my systems elicited results that showed how meter positioning affects performance.

    With the 03/04 Cobras we've all seen how meter positioning affects performance.

    The 95 mm meter is the biggest that is possible with the 4" i.d. of my TB pipe.

    I have the 95mm meter separate and rotatable to address these variables.

    Does the factory sensor position utilize the best drivability?
    Are there more gains with a different position that still retain drivability?

    We'll see how these variables are affected with more and more testing analysys with the different systems in service.

    My meter does retain the factory sensor.

    I'm anxious to see the differences with the independant testing being performed on the system.

    I HOPE that weight, high-tech materials, and the 95 meter are advantages over the competition. I had the filter molded for optimum CFM flow and fitment to the 95 meter.
  9. thx . what were your findings ? and what mag will this article be in? as of yet i hav no mods to my gt . hav owned it since may and hav read about all cai's to this point as well as other mods . when you get the tunes for the sct tuner will ther be 3 included? i just want the best product i can find . you understand. 1 more ? what do you think of wms racings product? very interresting no? ill look forward to your responce and again thx. vynle.:D
  10. The system has undergone only 2 testing sessions thus far.

    One was the prototype system @ the 5.0 Mag CAI shootout which will publish Nov. 15 th and I can't release any info until it publishes.

    Performance Auto sport in Va. completed their testing a couple days ago and I'm waiting on the dyno results which I'll post ASAP. I should have those today.

    Jannety Racing test session (Saleen SC) hasn't related any results yet and the test session buy Murrillo hasn't posted any yet (this thread)

    That's why I haven't posted any to the site yet.

    SCT has promised me yesterday that they were shooting for Saturday to have everything completed with their dyno results.

    I'll be able to upload tunes when I recieve the Mustang Data Base from SCT. The Xcal2 will have the 2 octane tunes preuploaded specifically for my system.

    The WMS stuff is also nice quality, but metal conducts heat. I know, I know, the argument that it's a short shot and this won't happen has a lot of supporters, but there is NO argument that plastic/carbon fiber/polycarbonate will insulate better and NOT conduct heat. Corrosion and condensation will also never be arguable with plastics.

    I'm also inclined to think that there may be better gains with more length in front of the TB than with the WMS. The shootout article results may address this.

    The only drawback to independant testing is waiting, so I want to make myself clear that I HYPOTHESIZE these aspects of my system to be advantageous and will post results as I receive them.
  11. 1FASTZ: Any results yet?

  12. thx , vynle.
  13. The SCT tunes are ready.

    We tested them on a couple GTs today.

    ABSOLUTELY NO DISSAPOINTMENTS, and the fitment is on the money.

    One is an auto tuned for 87 and will now BARK 2nd and wouldn't before.

    Some recent dyno feedback: Superchips tuner; +21 rwhp , +26 ft. lb. torque @ 12.0:1 A/F, with +28 attainable @ 12.5:1 A/F.

    Superchips tuner related that it is NOT a 'dyno queen' and aced all the MAF transfer functions, drivability, etc..

    Performance Auto Sport; +28 rwhp, no torque related, waiting on dyno charts.

    The shootout article will add some more feedback this week.

    I'll get the charts posted when I receive them this week along with the shootout results.

    My thanks to Ryan, James and Dave @ SCT for such a great job on the tune, and helping resolve the computer problems. The SCT tuning results weren't as good @ + 17, but related that these were up to only 4800 with something acting up on the dyno above this.

    The tuners / systems are in stock and ready to go. 87 & 93 tune.

    I can't wait for you guys to try this!! Sounds HELLACIOUS when you punch it up. Blows away any of my previous systems.
  14. 1FASTZ do you have any results yet?
  15. John,

    It was worth the wait.

    The tunes are great and the car really moves now.
  16. Thank you very much for the business!!

    I'll get you those files for the different tuning ASAP.

    They sent me the program for the Live Upload and I'll get going on this also.

    Anyone wanting to switch to our system from one of our competitors after the testing is published will get a $ 30. price break. All that's needed is to email a copy of the purchase receipt. (retail orders only)

    The changes to improve the system over the shootout prototype: added full surround polycarbonate shield w/all moldings, and I went to Green for the custom molded 9" dual cone (prototype filter is closed end) which I had SCT test against the prototype filter and it posted more gains.

    The polycarbonate shield give FULL SUPPORT to the meter/filter and locates the TB pipe 1" above the radiator hose. The meter is CNCd to give the CORRECT neck length for permanent filter mounting/adhesion.

    Pro3i will also now have the package available on the parts shopper.:SNSign:

    I've got my fingers crossed that it did well in the shootout and the production system is a better system.
  17. john , ill be more than happy to do my own private testing on your system . just send a complimentary kit to me and ill begin testing, lol. maybe with the tuner too, lol. thx vynle. p.s. cant wait for the results. late.
  18. Vynle, thank you for the offer but all the promo kits went out for testing over the past couple of months and of the 8 sent only 4 have related results.
  19. sorry for the delay J ..
    ill email you the results tonight i think you will be happy for them we got around to it this passed weekend just had not sent you results yet.
  20. 1FASTZ, I didn't receive the email. Did you send it to [email protected] ? Nothing on the forum email either?