Do I Have A Chance?

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  1. Hey fellow stang lovers I bring to you my quandary. I recently picked up a 90 mustang, it seems pretty quick(im used to driving a 03 fx4 f150) and runs well.. Several guys at work are talking trash they are chevy and mopar guys.. One has a stock 08 srt8 charger. The whole group is calling me out to race him, talking down on the Ford. I'm going to race him either way. My question is Do I Have A Chance at winning or will I just get blown out?

    I have decent driving skills and the car was modified from previous owner with 10k miles on rebuild and 122xxx on the body. It has some parts that I wouldn't of necessarily put on but here is the list:

    5.0l V8 rebuilt bored .030 over about 10k miles on rebuild.
    Ford racing aluminum x302 heads with crane 1.7 roller rockers
    E303 cam
    Under drive pulleys.
    Ford racing polished cobra upper lower intake
    70 mm throttle body
    73mm maf calibrated for the 30lb injectors.
    30lb injectors. With walboro 255 high out put fuel pump adjustable fuel pressure reg.
    Canton 7qt oil pan with high flow oil pump.
    BBK shorty headers/BBk off road X pipe with duel flowmaster 50 series It is loud and the engine has that nice lopey idle .
    Tremec T5 HD zspec 5 speed trans/with fresh stage 2 clutch. Hurst shifter.
    3.55 rear gears.
    Light weight aluminum drive shaft .
    5 lug conversion with factory cobra 17x9 rims
    cobra front brakes duel piston calipers
    Full length weld sub frame connectors
    BBK upper/lower rear control arms.
    BBK lowering springs lowered 1.25"

    Decent stock tires 17in cobra wheels, and It does have all black factory interior! (lol)

    Can this set up win or will I just lose and have to deal with it? Maybe a close second even tho second is the first loser..

    Let me know!

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  2. Yeah, probably not going to happen.
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  3. go to a track and find out....all in the fun anyway,but i wouldnt brag if i were you...
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  4. Who was bragging? I am very modest..
  5. didnt say you did,just saying dont....that makes things worse if you
  6. copy that.. even if i would win I would say i got lucky.. Im like that...
  7. If its stock, I would say that you could beat him.
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  8. i did that once,tried to get my buddy out to the track for a long time,he had a bone stock 99 camaro,he always talked smack too,i had to talk smack back to get him out,i was sure it was gona be close,he barley even washed it or gave it an oil change,he smoked a new engine since then but he still has it on tape!....still get hassled about it till this day...
  9. but now u have that memory with ur buddy and thats the real winner.
  10. Also.. what do you all think Hp and 1/4 mile time would/should be with that set up.. Its not tuned yet.. Im going at the end of July to Lidio at Alternative(they real busy). I'm pretty sure his car is running 13.2 and thats with a professional driver.. so..
  11. yup...glad he came out...he was auto and i was stick,he got me off the line cause i burnt through 1st and second to start,but regardless i
  12. lesson learned
  13. If you had a sticky tire and drove the day lights out of it you could beat him, but that's hoping he would be spinning. Most drivers cannot duplicate the times in magazine test articles without some real practice and experience.

  14. I think you will take him off the line but the top end on that srt is going to rape you.
  15. Car And Driver did a comparo against the 08 GT 500 back in the day. Their best drivers could only manage a very low 13 out of the heavy Dodge.
    The Challenger will have T/C, and you will have tire spin. Unless you are VERY experienced in keeping that in ck, your race will be lost in the first 60'.
    (And I do so hate to lose watching the tail lights of my opponent the entire 1/4 mile.)
    Now like Joe says, get it at a track and show up w/ experience, and a set of ET streets, drive the hell out of it, and you may have a prayer.
  16. Unless you have a seriously narrow set of drag radials, i'd say you are unlikely to win.

    I wouldn't worry about tuning, but i would back the injectors down to 24's and use a pro m meter. Could make a major difference.
    Then with some real tires you should win. You probably have a 1000lb advantage, but you will need traction. Some nittos or BFG drag radials on your current wheels should do.

    People underestimate x heads, while not the norm for everyone i did know someone with a car that went 11.98 on a stock shortblock with an E cam, gt40 tubular, x heads (valve jobbed), pro m bullet with 24's.
  17. My bud had a SRT8 auto Chally..... From a dig in Mehico I pulled a car on him. So its possible
  18. you are going to have to cut a great 60ft. remove all unecessary weight. only have 1/4 tank of gas. Buy a shorter belt for the track and bypass the a/c and smog pump. Ice down the intake. Bump the timing to 14 to 16. Put a splash of 106 in it. Disconnect one side of the front sway bar link. pump up the front tires to 40 and lower the rears- if street tires to 28. Get a set of DR if possible If on street tires just clean them off dont do a big burnout and don't launch at 4000 or youwill spin the first 60. You will probably go through the traps in 4th.

    Last drive it like you stole it. It's all about the driver

    oh.. and get rid of those crappy ignition wires and get a set ot Taylors.
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  19. Havig driven a SRT8 charger, you'r only chance is from a dead stop. They are heavy and take a few seconds to get moving, but once they do they are hauling butt.

    I'd have to say that you will see SRT8 the track of course

    But nice car. Those rims with the pony caps came on the 03-04 GT's as an option. Same as the 01 Cobra