Do I Have A Chance?

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  1. Srt8 is a lead sled.. You should have a low 13 high 12 second car.. If you can drive you should win
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  2. My money is on the guy who doesn't have a clutch.
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  3. I've seen a lot of new mopars,camaros,coyote 5.0s @ the track. In stock trim they all run in the mid 13's and a few low 13's. Now if they've got some mods...? Op's car should run similarly
  4. I agree
  5. ya,auto is an advantage for sure,with manual and stock tires you will probably loose before the 60,i havnt run slicks yet either so i almost always spin unless i just roll of the line..
  6. I'm with f8tl. If your car is running right, it should have no trouble beating an SRT8. Those cars just aren't that fast. I guarantee if I was driving I would get him on a street tire and with a clutch. I'd put money on it. Put a better cam in the car and a bottle and it would be a sure thing.

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  7. I'm on the fence. The srt8s are slow to get off the line but like the lsx cars once they start moving they take off like a rocket trying to break orbit. As stated previously the only chance the mustang has is to launch perfectly and not bake the tires trying to get through 3rd gear. If everything is done perfectly inside the Ford then it should be a very close race. One mistake and the dodge will easily pull ahead and take the win. If it was a regular rt hemi then I would say mustang all day.
  8. Getting out of the hole is by far the most important part of the race. Any car that is within one second of another car on the track is going to be up in the air on the street.

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  9. When you say you have decent driving skills do you mean you can drive the car or drive the car??

    If you can launch and make it sound like an auto you'll be fine.
  10. Its been awhile but I will never lite em up off the line(unless i want to). Minimal wheel spin, third gear is my only weak link. I have been known to miss at times. The last fox body i had was back in 04. I used to wreck other cars off the line with my buddies bolt on 5 speed with 373's. That was along time ago tho... lol
  11. I remember my buddy taking off his belt for certain races. And it seemed like it definitely was a good improvement . As my car does not have a ele fan.
  12. Yeah....that means your water pump is no longer moving. Not smart
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  13. And your alternator is not charging your battery.

    Personally, i wouldn't want to race and barely beat a car only because I took the belt off. Might as well gut the interior and start stripping everything else off the car.
  14. that is why I said get a short belt, not remove the belt. You will have no P/S, Alternator, or Water pump.
  15. x 2
    unless your are a real "stick" man, that SRT8 is gonna eat your lunch.
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  16. I've found that if the alternator is not running on a Mustang it ends up losing enough voltage to lose power. Getting a short belt is a waste of time. Those accessories draw so little it's more hassle than it's worth.

  17. I'm speaking of just taking it off for the run, then immediately putting it back on at the other end. My brother in law says he run .2 to .3 sec faster with it off... His best is a 9.18 with foot brake and 150 shot. Its set up for 250 shot and trans brake..
  18. The srt8 charger isn't that quick, it's a low 13 car.

    Honestly, with his current mods, all it will take is traction and/or driving. I think the car has it in her, but those tires i see in the pic don't inspire confidence.

    As far as running shortbelts, ditching weight, i think that is kinda silly in a bragging rights street race. IMO, that puts an asterisk next to your name on the list, people will always say "but" when speaking of the race. Any idiot can start unbolting stuff and lightening the car.
    If that's how you always drive around normally, that's fine, other than that it won't really help prove anything.

    A money race is totally different, that's the race where you do what it takes to win.
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  19. In that kind of race bananas in the other guys tail pipes is the ticket.
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  20. Yeah, but, if you are granny shifting or miss a shift (ahem.... 3rd) you stand to lose a good half second. And if you bog or spin in the 60', your chances of catching up are slim, especially on a stock top ended 5.0