Do I Have A Chance?

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  1. As for taking the belt off, I was racing a built 2nd gen cstv and almost lost... Reason is, when I clicked 3rd the alternator decided to quit. Was only showing about 12.5 volts. Car started missing like crazy, felt like it lost 300 hp. Replaced alternator with one that will handle some rpm, back to normal.
  2. Exactly what I'm trying to say. When the car drops to battery voltage the ignition system doesn't work right, and it ends up losing hp anyway. I've never had a car run well when the alternator failed. Not sure if you still have a smog pump, but that's something that can go anyway. The AC draws absolutely nothing when it's off. You need the water pump. I guarantee you will mess something up if you run a quarter mile at full throttle with no water pump. The Power Steering draws very little, especially when you aren't turning. Not to mention the stock steering rack is not designed to run without a pump and there are some safety concerns there. If you can get those tires too hook. leave hard, and get your shifts down you should not lose to an SRT8.

  3. Ah yes, the big If. That word has explained away so many drag racing losses................If I had a nickle for every time that happened....................well you know the rest.;)
  4. x2 I think this is precisely whats going to happen.. But .. there is a little piece of me thinks If i get outta the first 60ft without a flaw, I just might be able to win. Heading out to the spot in a couple hours at 11pm.. We might have this figured out tonight!
  5. Well? You pull tire and leave that Mopar in the dust?
  6. I have a video up in the video section. I went out last night for the first time since I purchased the car. I was messing around with my brother in law and his 04 Mach 1. Him and a few of his buddies said with a drag radial I would be in the high 12.s.. The mach's best is a 12.93 but consistently ran 13.2s.
  7. get this done!....a proper track to settle it would be best but,waiting to hear the results!....good luck..
  8. Hope you win, but think you are screwed. Hate mopar, almost as much as mopar guys.
  9. Huh? So you were going to race the dodge, ended up racing a mach1, and didnt get any times of your own?
  10. I took this as practice before the main event. :shrug:
  11. Got it.. I was just confused there it sounded like you had something set up with the Dodge previously for that night. Hope the main event wont be from a roll like that! The best shot youd have is at a dragstrip or somewhere from a dead stop, where your lightweight could make up for the large power deficit.
  12. noobz is not the thread starter,hes just thinking like all of us it was practice before the race...
    and yea,rolling start is a different story...
  13. I hope there's no hating going on for Mopars...... She WILL smoke most boots!
    Don't sleep!
  14. She easily pulled low 12s with a cam swap and a tune! She gave plenty razor close shaves coming from Safeway with a boot full of groceries!
  15. Ha! :banana:
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  16. My 88 5.0 mustang is stock and I kept up with a dodge Challenger with hemi. They are over 4,000 pounds and my car at the most with me out is almost 3,000
  17. well good job then,but normaly a stock 5.0 would be left in the,not enough top end.
  18. whats the outcome?,did this race happen?
  19. I'm sure he got smoked!
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  20. Apparently everyone showed up but no one brought the bench. :shrug:

    "bench racing" get it now?