Do I Have A Chance?

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  1. LOL...low 13 second with a person who doesnt know how to drive them.......I have an 06 300 srt8..NOT slow at all.i do have a tuner and bolt ons ..And someone said there slow off the get go they do 0-60 in the 4.5 range i would say thats pretty quick....
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  2. They are by no means slow!!! I lub my Hemi's!

  3. LOL....your a funny guy SRTs arent that fast....yeah ok....And thro a bottle an an SRT8 so many of those SRTs are not stock trust me...Mine
  4. Oh to the OP for your question NO....sorry...
  5. They aren't as fast as that huge hp hemi would suggest.

  6. Don't go getting so defensive.
    No where did i say slow. The OP says hes racing a STOCK srt.
    No reason to start explaining how quick they are modded, since that was NOT his question.

    Quick is a relative term (at least imo). Back 5-10 years low 13's high 12's were blazing fast. Now most muscle cars do that with an auto trans regardless of who's behind the wheel.
    It's the same reason i tell people not to use gt40p's, just doesn't provide enough extra power to keep up with modern muscle.
  7. So umm gonna race?
  8. I say run him. you have a better power to weight ratio.
  9. Damn another 14 second SRT8 on youtube.


    My point is this. Everyone looks at the fastest car they can find like theirs and compare their car to that. Everyone assumes that since it's an automatic you can just mash the gas and it should run a 12.6 every time. In the real world, for every one person that takes their SRT8 to the track and runs a 12 second quarter mile, there are 50 guys who go to the track and run a 13.5 or slower. Mid 14 second quarter mile is slower than a stock Fox can go. If you want to win races I have some solid advice, practice practice practice. If you can drive your car consistently and cut a good light you will win most of the time regardless of who or what you are up against.

    Anyone cocky enough to talk crap about an HCI Mustang when they are driving a stock Dodge probably has little or absolutely no track experience. If you want to win a race, get the edge on experience. If you did two test and tune nights before you raced, and he has never taken the car down the quarter mile, I don't think you would just win, I think you would embarrass him.

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  10. How long you been racin' my man?
  11. I went with some frequency for about 12 years. I usually ran in the pro lanes in test and tune because I was on slicks and it was less time waiting. Usually had what should have been the slowest car there too. I would say that I came out the other end in front at least 8 out of 10 times because I was pretty consistent. About the time I finally got a really good setup on the car and could run some faster times I just ran out of time to go to the track. I don't think I've been since 2006 now.

  12. For a 4500 lb car I think there damn fast....and I'm not stock..but when I was 12s was a I'm not to afraid of a HCI Mustang.and if I have trouble that's what my turbo stang is for...
  13. Back in the day (1998) we took a 86' 5.0 stang with 4.10:1 rear, Tremec TKO, HCI 5.0 with all of the exhaust stuff done, and went 12.7 in the 1/4 mile and EVERYONE at the track thought we had Nitrous or a blower on the car. Even the announcer at the track said that the car must have Nitrous or a blower, "cause a N/A 5.0 dose not run that hard". It took launching at 5,500 rpm on slicks to get the car to run the number tho. My how times have changed.
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  14. Yeah the difference is tho that car now after what was done to it was not a good highway car or crusing srt has 3.06 gears every creature Comfort there is...and a top speed of over 180...runs 12s can handle..stop on a dime and make me that's all nice stuff to have I think...
  15. :uzi:Your Mopar!! Umm my 86 runs 12's with the bottle also. The op was talking about a stock STR8 vs his car. Not your car. Pretty much everybody knows the "new" era muscle cars are more powerful than a bolt on 5.0. But I do call:bs: On stock mid 12 ets. Not here at my track. And I go there a lot. With a bottle...sure. Forced induction yup. f'ing way

  16. /end thread
  17. The good old days. I am finally getting my car back into track condition. I have a new stroker engine that is 100 times better built than my old stroker engine. I have my transmission shifting well, a fully automated nitrous system, real drag wheels and good brakes. I still have to fix my locker and get a roll bar in the car. Unfortunately we just had a baby and my job has me away from home all but 6 days a month I don't see it happening anytime soon. I'd just like to pull off a 10.8 one time with my daily driveable old SN car to show that you don't need to drop $60K on a new GT500 to have a nice muscle car.

  18. By the way, if srt's are running 14's then what are the rt's running?