Do I Have A Chance?

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  1. It chaps my azz every time I think about our era's wimpy starting point, 215 hp v8, c'mon ford... Now I gotta throw alot of money at it just to be on par w modern v6's.
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  2. i hear you,i threw allot of time and money into my car just to get the average mid to high 12s that i should be running,hopfully anyway!,still damn fun to drive though..
  3. Yeah, at least they sound fast.
  4. its still respectable?,im happy that my 91 mustang can still keep up with most modern cars.

  5. STOCK srt ran 12s....STOCK no power adders needed..Yes my car does have power adders no it isnt stock.
  6. Srt8s dont run 14s only if the person cant drive maybe.....
  7. I'm not meaning to offend you. SRT8s run 14 second quarter mile times the same way stock Mustangs run 16 second quarter mile times. The truth is that most people can't drive. I'm just trying to point out that comparing two cars is one thing. I think the Mustang should be a hair faster. That's my opinion. But that has very little to do with winning a race. Good driving wins races far more often than a faster car. The OP is asking if he has a chance based on what kind of modifications he has done, when it really isn't all that relevant.

  8. This thread has gotten boring
  9. Must be a low altitude track. Here in the Midwest they don't run that. Lots and lots of low to mid 13's or slower.
  10. I run Englishtown NJ...or ATCO or Island dragway....
  11. Well all i can say is i feel bad for those people that own them they cant i see new mustangs going 13s and new camaros 13s...they cat drive...oh well....I can i have no problem running mid 12s with mine....
  12. Makes sense. I know with good air there you can knock a good .3-.5 sec off compared to here
  13. It shoulda ended about 80 replies ago.

    Good thing I learned a second language. It helps me to better deal w/ the boredom.

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  14. If your friend is stock and you install a bama tune he will be in your back pocket
  15. Anybody wanna race my GC? At the track of course! I'll show you what a 5.7 Hemi can do:stir:
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  16. My hemi ram would habitually destroy mustangs. Even back in 03 and 04 there were a bunch of us running deep 12s in a full size truck with just bolt ons.
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  17. The SRTs aren't running 14s. They are faster than that. I was just trying to make a point.

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  18. I keep logging in to see the outcome of this race, but every time I do, it's more debating over which one is faster.

  19. I guess they didnt race....