Do I Have A Chance?

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  1. Yeah f em
  2. How many Mustang vs Charger videos did you have to go through before you finally found one where the Charger won.....and even then barely....and only because the guy in the Mustang blew a second gear shift?

    Chargers ain't slow, but they're not exactly fast either.
  3. I didn't even post the video for who won..... It was just for the times, all else was just icing on the cake!!!
  4. Neat....but the Charger in question is 6.1L, 425hp mid/low-13 second '08...and not the 6.4L 470hp '12 in your video.

    In any case...quick, but for a car making that much power and torque, I wouldn't say its fast.
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  5. Yes i agree, they are way too heavy. It needs a diet and suffers from the same thing all americans suffer from... Obesity!
  6. I do NOT suffer from Obesity.
    You can say alot.
    You could say many.
    You could even say most.
    What you cant say is all.
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  7. The srt8 guy still hasnt brought his car out. I see him drive it to work all the time but never to the hangout. We are going to Milan Dragway here in MI. On July 12th. No ET racing. He is "$uppose" to be there. I will have my et streets by then and since my initial postings about this topic and getting into a handful of street sprints i think my car is "quicker" than alot of ppl would think. Im confident. I am pulling on 12.90s mach 1. So i definety have the motor to beat a 13.2 (maybe) srt8
  8. I thought this post was dead. I never recieved the emails or indicators that this topic had replies. Thats why i was not responding to posts. I came across it this morning while at work and seen all the new comments.
  9. If you can drive maybe you may stay with him you mess up he will walk you....
  10. I had an 08 srt8 charger. From a dig, you should be a little quicker. The things going for the charger are consistency. He just mashes the gas and goes. You have a lot more work ahead of you. From a roll, I think the srt8 will beat you. I had built my charger up with bolt ons and had it tuned. It made 404rwhp and similar torque. It was a nice car when it was new. After about 30k miles it started being not so nice.

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