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  1. hey i just got a 91 mustang gt and car fax and pink say 1991 mustang gt/cobra gt whats up with that is it real cobra? help me lol thanks
  2. Its totally normal for it to be listed that way, its just a normal GT.
  3. there is no 91 "cobra". i thought that meant it was canadian model?
  4. First of all that's something to investigate before hand. Hope you didn't pay cobra price for a gt. And no it's not a cobra, a lot of the titles list both names, there was no 91 cobra.
  5. I swear, over the course of 8 years being on this forum i bet i've seen this question 100 times at least. I'd like to travel back in time and punch the person who gave these cars their names on titles. It has caused so much confusion. Same thing goes with how a 2 door coupe is titled as a sedan....doesn't a sedan have 4 doors?
  6. Common question....answer is NO
  7. So true, it needs to be sticky or something. It's real easy Fox body Cobra was on'y made in 1993 and the vin woud have engine code "D".

    For the 4 door sedan thing I looked this up for what it's worth.

    Coupé - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A mustang is coupe from all listings I could find.
  8. My future Brother-in-Law told me the '87 was a Cobra. Someone had put a Cobra grill in it, Cobra R wheels, and stuck a cobra emblem on the dash. I laughed at him, but spared him the argument and explained to my fiancée what a true Cobra was. :rlaugh:
  9. YES Its very rare!!!! dont let these nay sayers tell you other wise....My 63 mustang cobra is bad azz!
  10. apparently the Canadians caused us a bit of confusion calling their mustangs cobras. mine even came with an intake plaque that says cobra but is very unlike the actual 93 cobra plaque.


    EDIT: I just revisited an old thread and that plaque is actually a ford piece that you can still buy new...
  11. Dictionary definitions:

    sedan (sɪˈdæn)

    — n
    1. ( US ), ( Canadian ), ( NZ ) Also called (in Britain and certain other countries): saloon a closed two-door or four-door car with four to six seats

    coupe [koop]

    1. Also, coupé. a closed, two-door car shorter than a sedan of the same model.

    They are basically interchangable.

    And I agree that the explanation for the title issue ought to be the top sticky on this board. I think that this is second or third time it has been asked in the last month.
  12. No this cant be true my neighbor told me all about his 88 cobra and how bad ass it was, he must have had a low production car no one knows about...