Do I need a tune with my mods?

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  1. I have a 2007 GT and I'm getting ready to install an off road H pipe and MAC axle backs. With no cats in the O/R pipe do I absolutely have to have a tune to compensate? Money is tight so can't afford an SCT yet. Can anyone help with info? Thank you for the help guys!
  2. Since the only mods. will be the exhaust, and the amount of air coming into the engine will not change, you don't need a tune. Can't remember off the top of my head, but you made need some O2 extensions with the O/R pipe.
  3. Thank you, that's what I was thinking also but double checking. Ill definitely get the SCT here soon. Appreciate the help man. I see you are in Ohio....the big spring swap meet is next month
  4. You need a tune with stock exhaust! ;) Maybe/maybe you can get away with a stock tune running an off-road pipe but I doubt it. You don't want to do that anyway. First mod should be a CAI and a flash of the ECM (tune):cool:. It will cost you several hundred dollars but it's worth it.
  5. Car isn't driven in the winter. Yes I know about a CAI but getting the big things knocked out.
  6. Being that the tune is such a great bang/buck modification on a stock car, I'm sitting here wondering why it wasn't the first modification? Yes, I would suggest a tune with the lack of cats. I've seen plenty of people get away without one and live with issues/lights, but I've also seen people duct tape their hood shut and not care either so...
  7. I know what you mean 95pgttech. I've seen it myself and can't believe it. I don't drive the car much and I'm just buying the stuff I want to do to it as I go. Yes I def am going with SCT and that's next with my suspension parts. I've built many fox cars and they aren't as temperamental as these cars with modifications. Just asking for those of you that have been there already. This is my first S197 car. From reading these mods might get the car in the high 12s?? I know with a converter for sure. Just fun buying the stuff and doing it all at once. My extra bedroom looks like Jegs warehouse haha. Thanks for the input buddy
  8. At best, more realistic estimates are mid 13's with only those mods(OR pipe/axle backs), and 13 flat-low 13's by adding a CAI/tune/converter.
    12's will require all of the above, plus excellent traction on the launch, a well prepped track, and mineshaft air. And it may still be a stretch to get there.
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  9. What I did was the exhaust 1st (no tune needed) - then buy the CAI and the tuner together as a package - you'll save $$ -
  10. I run off road exhaust and Boom Tubes, no tune, no problems. I have 140,000 miles on my 06 and at least 80,000 miles was with the off road h pipe.
  11. You really need a tune. first of all the off road h pipe will cause the rear 02's to read the same as the front 02's which will probably set a cat code. and you will gain more with a tune and no modes then you will with the cai and H pipe and no tune, do the tune.
  12. simple work around on the O2 sensors is to add some spark plug anti foulers to the rear sensors. It pushes the sensor back away from the exhaust flow and gives a leaner reading