do it yourself paint job

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  1. i just got an estimate for a pain t job for my 90lx hatch and it was for 2500.i think i can do it myself but has anyone painted theirs?i need to know what kind of compressor,gravity gun,primer,sealer,clear etc.i think its all in the prep.i'll take my chances if i can buy everything i need for about 500-700.let me know how hard or how easy.i have the next 6 mos to do this so i'm able to take my time.
  2. Is the quote for a dual stage paint? As far as buying a compressor, spray guns, paint materials, etc. It's not going to happen. There is a lot of stuff to buy. Filters, tape, paper, stirring sticks, etc, can get very expensive. Good quality primer, paint, and clear, can cost $800-1000, depending on what pigment is used.

    On the other hand, there could be other alternatives. Check to see if there is a local technical school, You may be able to get your car painted by students for free labor. I know of one that only makes you buy supplies, and the students have done great work over the years on nice cars. Check your area, and take a look at some of the completed work.
  3. Does any one know of a good body shop in san Pedro CA that can do fiberglass as well
  4. It sounds as if you need alot, including expierence. It could be after you are done you still will need a paint shop paint job, So 2500 + 1000= 3500.. Please don't take this as an insult. Just my opinion.