DO NOT ADJUST!! (floor jack)

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  1. So I have this floor jack, 3.5 ton (I think) Craftsman.

    I had to drag it through a field to get my truck unstuck one day, and after that it didn't work quite right. It worked, but after I pumped the handle I had to wait a few seconds before it had pressure to pump it again. I figured maybe I got some dirt in some bleeder mechanism or something, and this was messing up the works. On the back of the jack I saw 2 screws that said "do not adjust!" Naturally I figured these were the answer to my problems and started turning them.

    So after I messed with the screws, now the jack doesn't work at all. I got it to go down by jumping on it and it won't go up at all. I searched craftsman's site for floor jacks hoping to find the instruction manual, but no results for floor jack.

    Does anybody know what I did, and what I need to do to fix it? I'm sure I didn't destroy the jack, it's just a simple hydraulic matter, but I don't know exactly what course of action to take now. I kept messing with the screws and couldn't get it back at all.

    BTW, after sitting for over a year:nono:, the old '66 fastback is now safely under cover and undergoing disassembly. I have TCP subframes for it, and I have a welder now, so those are going in. I'm also going to put in a 6 point cage. Other than that no major plans, just gonna go over the whole car, rebuild the engine (freshen it up), couple minor changes here and there, and hopefully have her back on the road like I want her by spring or summer, at least by fall. I haven't been on this site much since the car has been sitting, been pretty busy, but I'm back now and you'll be hearing from me. I'm so excited to finally be working on the car again, it's great.:D