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  1. salesman says GT500 will be worth 500,000 in 3-4 years, right!

    Simi valley ford here in southern california has a red GT500 coupe for sale in the local LA Times newpaper. I called to see what the asking price was, and the sales idiot said $76,000. I said 30,000 over sticker still? He said, "yes these cars will be worth a HALF A MILLION dollars in 3-4 years, you will see". I called him dillusional, and hung up the phone. DO NOT buy from idiots like this! Does anyone know a car worth 500,000 when it is 3-4 years old? Maybe a bugatti, or some ultraexotic, but unfortunately not our beloved 07 shelby. I did not catch his name, otherwise I would have posted it also. I invite you all to call and rip this dealership, 800-401-6291
  2. Stupid people make you question the future of democracy....
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    Call him back and offer to bet him $1 million that GT-500s will not be worth even 1/5 that amount in 3 - 4 years.
  4. Half a million in fours years indeed!

    The car won't bring 30K in four years.
  5. Headlines "Car salesman smokes crack!"
  6. I live in Simi Valley and can vouch for the delusional nature of their Sales Staff...

    But on the other hand, it is a small dealership and they only have the one GT500 and I think that they want to keep it on the showroom as long as possible to get some foot traffic.

    Did I say that its a REALLY small dealership?
  7. in a word - bullsh$t
  8. I too live in Simi Valley and know they are useless there!...Small dealership is absolutely on target!
  9. Maybe they rented it to get that foot traffic?
  10. simi valley is for rich white people either sure some guy who doesnt know **** about cars and has plenty of money will buy would be a MAJOR RIP OFF THO...damn how can people get away with this...sad
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    I wonder if the antithesis of that statement would be tolerated on this board...


  13. First of all, not to sound negative....But who here can afford to own a Shelby GT. Had you done any research prior to bashing a Ford Dealer, you would find that Simi Valley Ford is actually offering there's lower than most dealers in the area. There is one dealer that has sold more than a few for around $80,000.00. It is called Market Value, and if the custoemr is willing to pay it...then who are you to blame the dealer.:nono:

    No one twisted someone's arm to buy it. Someone will pay the money. agree with you, 1/2 mil in 3-4...Don't think so....All we can do is look at a 68 Shelby GT500 that goes for $175-$250K in auctions...So, in 3-4..I think you may lose a little....for sure not a sound investment..but what car is.

    Take some advise, get a Mustang GT and spend a few more dollars to personalize it...One of the best values for the money..Make your own 500 hp...:)
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    What a moron! $500k in 3-4 years LOL
  15. Just because someone is willing to pay it, doesn't mean that they are immune from criticism. If we simply say that someone is willing to pay the price so it is ok then we don't hold the dealership responsible. Rans00vert is well with in his right to blame the dealership and only by spreading the word about a greedy dealership do we make the 30k profit not worth it for them in the long run.

    Is the 30K mark up a fair business practice. Sure, but so is ripping off a little old lady, doesn't mean that I want to do business them.
  16. You are correct. But why criticize the Dealer? They are only charging market value. Criticize the Manufacturer for 1) Not producing enough unitw-where as most dealers will only see 2-3 of these cars 2) Not having enough profit to begin with.

    Think about a Saleen Supercharged coupe? Is it really worth 70K? It is all perception, and the buyers decision. Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, Ferrari...have all been charging over window (Market Value) for years on special cars. Chevrolet on the Z06? So why criticize the dealer? Criticize the Industry.....

  17. Its not soley the industry because some dealers (although very few) have sold them for MSRP. I agree that Ford is also to blame, but lets not pretend that this is some rare car. Ford is going to produce 7,000+ of these a year. And they will be sitting on lots collecting dust if the dealers don't get there act together. Very few people are willing to pay 45K for a Mustang let alone the ridiculous mark ups.

    Again, the dealer has the right to charge whatever they desire for the car, just as we have the right to criticism them for doing it.
  18. I agree, it's a free market, if you don't like the price, shop elsewhere...

    But that's where the criticism is fair game.

    There are dealerships out there that see value and long-term profits in BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS WITH LOYAL ENTHUSIAST CUSTOMERS..

    And then there are dealerships who are just out to sack, plunder and pillage the first money-drunk idiot they can find stumbling through the door.

    The dealer referenced here seems to fall into the latter category.... which is their prerogative, but it's the former-type dealerships who should be lauded, and who usually enjoy a more loyal customer-base, and better long-term business-health and longevity and profits, ironically enough. That's why we consider the huge-profit-opportunistic dealers to be "stupid". They don't understand how to build a reputation and an enthusiast following and a solid family-client-base. They just bottom-feed as long as the economy is good, and when the economy turns a bit south, they go under, or sell-out, or change names, you see it all the time....
  19. you're describing the 'American System', whether its in politics, business or marriage.

    its what we do!
  20. I am curious...Who has found a 2007 Shelby Cobra for MSRP? and has actually bought it at MSRP?