Do Superchargers Hurt Engines With A Lot Of Miles

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  1. I'm looking too buy a 2004 mustang gt with a supercharger in it. The car has 118,000 miles on it with a supercharger in it. I wanted to if the supercharger effect the life of the engine since it have 118,000 miles on it. And also do superchargers improve gas mileage or just makes it worst?
  2. First off, 117k is not considered high miles on these cars. I would simply do a full tuneup and fix any leaks prior to adding boost. You will of course loose sone fuel mileage, as your foot will enjoy the new power and will be tough to stay off the throttle for a bit. Hit up @84Ttop for the best pricing on a kit for your car.
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  4. Wow, did i misread your post. The car already has a supercharger?
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    Let's start with some theory first, the supercharger is belt driven from the engine and is nothing more than an air compressor. This can increase the efficiency of the engine and provide better fuel economy providing that you can keep your foot out of the accelerator. Let's be honest though, boost is and will forever be awesome and there is not much chance of anyone staying out of the throttle.
    As madspeed said, 118k is not high milage for these cars. I have had several customers buy blower kits and have them installed close to or over the 200k mark and not so much as a hiccup. I would look to see the owner having receipts at the very least and that the install is done cleanly. Are there other aftermarket parts on the car? Do you know which supercharger it has installed currently?
  6. Yea
  7. I don't know what supercharger installed on it but that's the picture of the engine

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  8. That unit would be from Vortech. It also looks like the coil packs, throttle body and upper plem have been changed. Seems like the car has a fair amount of aftermarket parts. If all runs well with it then it may be a good deal as long as the price is right!
  9. The price is $8,000 it has 118,000 miles on it
  10. As said before 118k miles on these vehicles is not a concern at all if the vehicle has been well maintained and serviced. That being said, a Supercharger CAN cause some premature wear due to the additional stresses placed on the engines internals during hard driving which WILL happen because it's impossible to resist. I'm not sure where you're from or what the overall condition of the vehicle actually is but 8k isn't too bad for an 04 that has been well cared for and modified tastefully.