Do they still make cassette tapes?

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  1. Well those Cheby guys are all a little slow and behind the times!LOL
  2. My 99 Cobra has a cassette player in it....:D
  3. well look at the car...its a 80's F body..guys that like those like Guns And Roses, Quiet Riot, Ratt etc...they probably still got the cassettes from the 80's...its got the sunroof so his/her mullet can flow in the wind...I got a buddy that had a 6cyl camaro and no it sits in his yard because he got a 6cyl sn95 lol POS....he still has tapes,mullet, and no job lol
  4. That is the Epitome of the wife beater ride. If there was a trailor behind it, a beer on the roof with the mullet described above.........that would be funny. I actually saw one back home in Florida that was on a lifted frame about 5 foot off the ground. Thats a super mullet ride.:rlaugh::lol:
  5. What's a cassette tape :shrug:

  6. :lol:
  7. Condoms, People! Condoms!!!!
  8. a square music holding device best used in chebbies, namely camaro's..otherwise obselete in the automotive industry:rolleyes:
  9. :lol:Case and point. this is what happens when parents raise thier children wrong and add alcohol into the scenerio. This is called the super mullet ride. It takes care of owning the crapmaro and a truck. :rlaugh: