1. Ok... Seriously who doesn't think that rear is sexy as hell? That's like a j lo ass of cars!
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  2. I'm 17.

  3. No you're not.

  4. The :poo: i say? You're the one who keeps clinging to the c3 IRS as the definitive point that an IRS is crap. Try stepping up to the current milennia. You seem to be the ill informed one, you seemingly ignore or avoid modern day tech for whatever reason. Technology makes things more involved but a lack of understanding or ability doesnt mark something as "crap" Tell me why EVERY super car has an IRS, including ford? Age has nothing to do with someone past experiences if they refuse to accept the now and modern, which apparently you have. You seem to know about alot of what i have or havnt done. Which is very amusing.
  5. I dont, as apparent by my original comment. It would seem I am alone. I said nothing to anyone, but if people want to get involved...
  6. I like it! Sweetness.
  7. Strike Two. Still arguing about nothing.
  8. I think that rear end is badass. :shrug:
  9. I think YOUR rear end is badass :eek:
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  10. DAMMIT VGT!!!!!!

    Does that constitute as an argument?
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  11. Arguing is against the rules?
  12. So can I get a 9" in my 91 and keep my ranger drums out back? I don't want to hassle with a rear disc conversion yet.
  13. HAHA lemme know if you do. I'm still rockin the ranger drums too.
  14. What is the appeal of running a 9" anyway? You can build 8.8"s to handle quite a bit for not a lot of money. I've got a buddy who always talks about wanting to put a 9" in his mid-13 second car, haha.

    Damn right it is!
  15. Got it back on track though, sort of.....

  16. weight and strength i believe

    just curious how old do you think i am?
  17. Wait, so a 9" weighs less than an 8.8??
  18. The 9" is stronger. 8.8"s can be built to handle a lot of power. It's funny though. I was at Bradenton last year (?) and watched Chris Tuten run 7.201 @ 200+ on stock suspension and an 8.8. It was pretty impressive. So I walked over to his car to take a peek underneath... he had a shop rag zip tied to the axle tube to keep gear oil from dripping onto the track where the tube was separating from the center section. Nuff said.

    To add some axle ****, here are some pics I took of my '89 a couple days ago:




  19. Not sure I believe that...?

    Well if you're going to run 7s... Jesus. But that goes to show that an 8.8 will handle what 99.999% of dudes can throw at it with just a little modification.

    Now I know another strong point of the 9" is the ease of gear changes, but how often do most guys change gears?
  20. fabricated 9" with an aluminum center section vs 8.8? really dont think its lighter? not sure if there is a dig difference between a stock 8.8 housing vs a stamped 9" though

    as for changing gears. depends on the combo and if they are running different area's and events. down south 1/8mile has always been bigger but its growing up here. so yee you would gear different for them both.
    turbo cars ive seen have 3-4 center sections in with them.

    we run dont run 1/4" mile anymore or id have more data for where we trap MPH and RPM wise running out the back vs 1/8 mile