1. Oh yea, I can see where the fabbed 9" would be lighter. I was talking about factory iron junk.

    I can see where the gear changes would be nice for someone very serious into drag racing, but for the average joe that might see 10-20 passes a year... Meh.
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  2. yea factory iron vers factory 9inch... its hard to say... the 9" back then was stamped like sharads just no bracing
  3. When you approach the 1000hp+ level a 9" should be a strong consideration.....

    From what I learned over the last 2 months, there is more to a 9" then meets the eye in afox, the proper housing is extremly critcal to acheive the proper geometry.....housings even fabbed styles are not all created equal.
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  4. My deal is, I might go fast enough on radials or slicks to need c clip eliminators. However I drive my car (when its fixed) enough on the street that i don't want to deal with the leaks, and since my 8.8 is stock and will need to be built anyhow...
  5. Then get 9" ends
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  6. if your decent with a 8.8 it takes an hour to swap gears. 35 splines and a good diff go ALONG way! Even though i talked to a dude last night with a 9" and 40 spline gun drilled axles, but he is going high 7's in the 1/4. And he drives it around the southside lol. There were 2-3 cars out last night with f1-R's an f1-A cobra too, they sound like a harrier jet coming down the street lol.
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  7. I think mine is a little different. It has 40-spline axles, so Strange uses larger diameter 3.25" axle tubes with those, also they're welded inside the center section as well as where the tubes meet the center. Also, my 3.812" Ultra Case has the Large Pinion Pro Gear. (I don't think anything on mine is interchangeable with a factory 9", but I'm seriously not an axle expert) Another difference you can't see is that the mounting ears for the UCAs are actually sunken into the housing in order to avoid messing up the IC.

    I wish I knew the weight of mine. It's sheetmetal with an aluminum ultra-case and the "Daytona" bearing support. Also, the axles are gun-drilled and it (obviously) has a spool. Oh yeah, it's also narrower than the factory 8.8. It may not be heavier??
  8. 40-spline 9" on the street... F1R... that's meee!!! :)
  9. ok maybe i want this one!
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  10. Holy crap!
  11. yea pretty much...
  12. saw that on FB today. Pretty sexy! Now tell me Derek, does it look to you like the UCA mounts are wider on that housing than on the factory housing? It does to me.
  13. You mean center line of each control arm or the bushing width? It def looks wider center line to center line
  14. I thought the same things...looks wide...very nice piece, lot of fab work into that thing, cant imagine the cost.
  15. See how my center section is notched to position the UCA mounts with the factory width and instant center?

    The upper mounts in the DMC housing SEEM to be spaced farther away from the center section, which would make the uppers closer to parallel than the factory configuration.

    Hard to tell from a picture though.

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  16. more "stock supension" **** for you guys!
  17. I call the Pro Stock Suspension. NICE!!
  18. I'll have this one in stainless, so I can prepare my lunch on it and clean it off before surgery.
  19. i think i know where this housing is actually :)