Do you guys use myspace?

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  1. Okay, so I am a little behind on the times considering how I just "discovered" myspace like a month ago. Anyway just wondering how many people actually use it on a regular basis to keep in touch with people. I thought it would be kinda cool to add some stangnet posse to myspace... I dont know how to search myspace for people except for by is my email if anyone is interested. [email protected]

    I just feel like you guys are my family *tear* excuse me I am getting a little choked up...:flag: :SNSign:
  2. yeah i use it, but i don't like it all that much. its basically a meeting point for all the sketchy guys in the world to come together and gawk at girls' pictures... and then leave lame "yo hit me back mami" type messages. i'll add you as a friend tho

    also, be wary of posting your email address online... spammers will find it and before you know it your inbox will be flooded with all sorts of crap.
  3. I have it, don't really "use"'s just sorta there lol
  4. Considering that Rupert Murdochs News Corp owns Myspace...

    I don't feel comfortable with News Corp having access to my email, personal preferences, music tastes, movie tastes, shopping habits, or my browser information stored and relayed to their data banks.

    You can't deny that they are whording the most massive amount of information ever available to a single corporation, and then using that to send you more spam, more junk mail, and profile you as a potential customer for dozens of the baby corps they own.

    I think people should be paid a monthly paycheck to use mysapce, considering that millions of drones are doing work unpaid for NewsCorp.

  5. the man has owned the little man since the beginning of time... :(
  6. who decides which 12 members get their pictures up on the group page :p
  7. What do you mean?
  8. Thanks for the warning, thats one of my many junk email addresses though...its cool