Do You Race Your Car?

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  1. Just curious about how many members race their car. Drags? Road course? Or just a dd/cruiser? I don't just mean dedicated racers. Even the occasional track time.
  2. Went down the 1/8 mi a couple times one eve a few years back. Was my 1st and only time to go. T'was slow and haven't been back. She's mostly a now and again cruiser. This is the 95 I'm referring to. I have a 90 that I DD'd for awhile but she's been neglected here lately. How bout yourself?
  3. Going tomorrow. I go 2-3 times a year. First time taking my son, gotta get him hooked early, he is two. Already got my 2 nephews hooked. Most of the time they are the ones asking when are we going to the track.
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  4. I find myself wanting to race more lately. I've had this car for about 5 years. Avg 3-4 strip outings a year but am planning on turning my car into more of a strip/street setup. I have a track literally 2 miles from my house. Still want descent street manners(pump gas,power brakes,etc etc) but plan on running 10s maybe 9s eventually. Right now it only runs mid 12s with the bottle turned on(mid 13s w/o) on nitto drag radials.
  5. what is this racing you speak of???
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  6. If it runs, it races.
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  7. Yes been there a few times. Car is built for true steet NMRA/NMCA. Been on a brake the last couple of years, so only street driving. Need to spend more to bring up to a 10sec 1/4 car...
  8. Used to drag race my 04 but I stopped when I got the 85 and started building that as a track only car.
  9. I just look at mine these days
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  10. I race everything I own on the drag strip, even my 07 Camry. You'd be surprised what I beat with that car!
  11. Now that would be heart breaking!! Losing to a Camry! Lol:cry:
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  12. I've raced my daily driver at the strip before. I have a vid of me beating a Fox with it as well
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  13. I like to go to the strip. I've only made it once this year, and tracks are closing down now. There will be a Christmas race in early December I will try to make. Its more about me beating my personal best times, rather than beating anyone else......mainly because I am slow.

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  14. Over 3500 road course miles on mine :)
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  15. Me? Race my car? Not a chance;)
    Well maybe just once,,,,,,,,or twice,,,,,,,,,,ok a ALOT!
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  16. Friday night was a good night. Dropped .3 to 14.3 with my automatic and my son loved it. Even the 1 or 2 really loud cars didn't bother him.
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  17. Plan on taking my kids to the 1/4 as soon as I can get it fired with the new goodies... AFR 165's, Ecam, GT40 upper & lower, UPR k-member. :D
  18. Dead give away if you're sitting at a redlight and the guy at the crosswalk says "Cool Helmet".
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  19. 20 years ago my exwife and I were coming back from a cruise night and were at a few street lights when a CAMARO z28 kept pulling up beside us and revving his engine. My wife was driving. After a couple "confrontations" I told her to take him at the next light. So at the next intersection she pulled my helmet out of the back seat and put it on. Funniest s hit I've seen when he pulled up beside us and my ex looking like speed racer. He and I started laughing and she proceeded to kill the car at the light. Still makes me smile.
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