Do You Race Your Car?

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  1. Usually 2 or 3 times a year, but this summer slipped by without a single trip to the track. :oops:
  2. thats how its been with my car this year... ive only put 80 miles on her this year
  3. I race as much as I can :)

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  4. I raced my 300 srt8 a few times this yr still havent gotten the mustang down there..i need to find a shop to install my roll bar,the shop i used

  5. @84Ttop

    talk to him!
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  6. Oh, I've been driving mine, just not to the drag strip. Whiny transmission and not enough funds in the "Mustang savings account" to replace it with the TKO or A-5 that I want means no racing for Nik until I can squirrel away more money.
  7. haha i just picked up a C4... one T5 was enough for me. the dump truck TKO and doing an A5 or g force T5 just wasnt in the budget. i picked up the C4 for 800 with a brake full manual and all that. new kevlar bands and red clutches. so it should take what ever i throw at it
  8. What kind of convertor are you going to run?
  9. not sure yet brand wise... PTC Chance or pats are who im leaning towards. we run a Pats in the nitrous car so we have a pretty good relationship with them. im thinking the stall will be around 3300-3600 range

  10. Thanks will do...
  11. Why not a little higher stall speed say around 4-4500? I'm not very informed on stall speeds. I always heard for a good starting point the stall should be right below peak torque. I'm just curious what you think.
  12. on motor id be around 4K... on the bottle you want it to be a bit tighter
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  13. Out of curiosity, what did you run? I got embarassed by one of those early this year in the supercharged 2v I had a few months ago.
  14. My tuner should come in the mail this week and I am going this weekend to see what she runs!

  15. I think I found your problem...
  16. Yeah, but it put 460 to the wheels, so it wasn't THAT much of a slouch. The 300c was QUICK.
  17. On the motor I run 12.5s at 110 mph, on street tires with a 1.9 60ft...that's with some bolts ons and a tune..with the bottle and I use a zex plate kit with a 75 shot I ran 12.o then I upped it to a 125 shot had to be careful not to go faster then 11.4 roll bar area and no WAY im I installing a roll bar in this I went 11.46 at 119 mph with a set of MT dr's with a 1.7 has more in it I can jet the plate to a 175 - 200 for high 10's but like I said no way willi go faster then 11.4s well maybe I will once or twice...LOL..get a good slip then get told to leave....I also run a Nano kit no need for bottle heater...


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  18. Hmm...

    While I believe that your car is quick, this guy wasn't just randomly trolling around town with the bottle on. Or was he? Like I said, he pulled me like a little red wagon and it was quiet.
  19. Well alot of Hemi guys are not 6.1's anymore...there stroked to 426 cu inches Heads/cam etc...and also there are tons of guys running nitrous.Were was this that he walked you? I do surprise alot of people...what was it a 300c you said what color maybe i know the guy or car from forums? And they do make remote bottle openers...LOL....and if im going out looking for lets say some fun my bottle is need for bottle heater anymore so my psi level is always 1000 psi in the bottle from full to the last drop..and today with hand held tuners its easy to set up a nitrous you can actually run it all the time...
  20. I guess I'm late to the party here, but yet I do race and I mean every last vehicle I've ever owned. So far the best with my Ttop car is 8.80 @ 148 with the car sliding down the wall..... I think it has upper 7's in it as it went 138 mph to the 1/8 on that pass. The red GT I have has been a best of 10.35 @ 130 and is still fully streetable and will be back on the road in the next 2-3 weeks.
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