Do you think the $50 for this is worth the gains?

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  1. youll need an AWD kit with the added power


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  2. Yea. I will need more traction with all that power.

    Do you think I wound need a new tranny if I got the adjustable powerband??
  3. It works well with synthetic blinker fluid and sandpaper coated bushings.
  4. I just want the sticker for it.

    Oh, I'm sorry! "Racing Applique'" Don't want to offend. ;)
  5. you gotta read the fine print at the bottom it is to only be used with double roller bearing muffler make sure you get some of them first:SNSign:
  6. that website is hilarious :lol:
  7. Tampon Dispenser (For Automatic Vehicles) :lol::rlaugh:
  8. someone needs to order something from there.....and see what they send you.....beside a card that calls you a tart