do you think this is a scam Turbo setup

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  1. it might be legit as far as you'll actually receive something for your money..but whether or not it'll be worth installing on your car is another thing. most likely gonna be some cheap ass SSautochrome bull****.
  2. "This is an auction for a whole sale list where I can show you what all you need and where to get everything you need to build your own turbo kit single or twin for under one thousand two hundred dollars, and thats cheap for a kit with the turbos."
  3. Yeah I wonder whats on his list.............What a waste of time....You can get it for free with some searching...
  4. reading is good :nice:
  5. This is why I thought it was a scam

    "We only accept cashier checks, postal money orders (no other types of money orders period) and western union electronic checks only!!! Sorry no paypal due to getting hacked into on there and them doing nothing to help."
  6. its a scam.
  7. A LIST??? This guys almost as good as the guy that sold the nintendo 360 box for a grand! WHAT A TOOL!:notnice:
  8. But not as good as the guy who sold an empty Xbox 360 box for $600.:rlaugh: