Do you use your Cobra as a daily driver?

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Do you use your Cobra as a daily driver?

  1. Yes, it is my daily driver.

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  2. No, it is my weekend car.

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  1. Hell yeah its my daily driver, I put 3k miles on it since june 20th. And the federal judge that drove it back and forth to work put 124k miles on it since 98.
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  3. Lovin' it daily!
  4. Mine is not. I use my big ass Bronco for daily driving. If someone wants to ding it, they can, if their doors can reach up that high, HEHE. :D
  5. I've got a 87 S-10 beater I drive back and forth to work . I usually get dirty at work and sure as hell don't want to track grease and dirt into my Cobra .
  6. My only car, besides its not like its a collectible when they make 13,000 of them...
  7. Mine gets a 5 day/week round trip drive of anywehre from 60-80 miles depending on exactly where I'm contracted to work at the time.

    I'd like to get my old SHO back up and running to use as my daily driver, but just can't justify the cost of fixing it plus having to add another car to pay insurance on right now.
  8. i drive mine 2-3 times a week if it's nice out.
    Stored in the winters OCT-APR Maine winters are loooong.

    just turned 10,000 miles the other day

    I put about 4500 miles on her a year
  9. I don't drive it everyday. I have a beater for that. Better on gas and I don't have to worry about someone ding it up.
  10. I've got 108000 on my 95. I feel kinda bad for driving it so much, but i just love driving it at the same time i couldnt stop driving it :rolleyes:
  11. I have a work truck I use everday for work, so the snake stays in the garage most of the week, unless I need to go somewhere after hours. I count down the hours until the weekend gets here and always look ahead on the weather forecast to see if it is going to be nice out. :nice:
  12. Garage queen, always under the cover. driven to car shows once in a while. Currently have 1,100 miles on her.
    And I do it because I can

  13. I hear you; I’ve got 4,200 on mine. :nice:

    And for those that say it’s not collectable, "because they made 13,000 of them", might I remind you Ferrari has made more than twice as many 360’s than Ford has made Terminator Cobras, and they’re considered collectable. :flag:
  14. Daily driver. Got mine 3 weeks ago and I already have 2,400 miles on it. It's killing me to drive this car 200 miles/day to work. I need to buy a second car badly. :bang:

  15. At least it is better to have than to have not. :nice: