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  2. But kids still beat you up, so you didn't accomplish much. Other than a faster escape. :nice:
  3. Thanks Lynn.....and Sammich....kiss my arse! :D

    I'll post up some pics, need to take more but this is how she sits now! Already posting in 5.0 Tech too, I'm such a dumbass on Foxes! :D
  4. Couple pics I took and most of them from the seller when I bought it. Its all pretty fresh, nice ride.


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  6. Negatron.

    Post away or ask Q's on the neverending. And or get a fox users manual at the local auto parts store. Helps a lot on the complex electronics's issues and what not.

  7. It came with a manual...but this damn this is so far from stock the manual isn't worth much. Its hard to even ask too many questions yet since I'm still sorting through the files I got with it to figure out exactly what's on it....and what's been done to it.

    All I know its got a pretty mean cam lope, and doesn't have very good street manners below 2000-2500 rpm's. Likes to kick and buck like a bull. :shrug:

    I got a vid clip but its over 108 megs and barely 15 seconds. Gotta do something smaller.
  8. Did he say "Fresh"?
  9. Cant see the pics till i take my break. Posted via boeing internet naziville
  10. What injectors/mass air are in the car? And does it have a chip on the computer? If not, look into the tweecer. That will help the manners some if you want to put the time in and learn how to tune.
  11. Holly Crap!
    That thing has some suspension under it! :nice: It must handle like a dream.
    I dont remember you saying anything abot a torque arm/panhard bar set up. :scratch:
    And the rear shock tower brace..... can I drive it? :D

    And whats really impressive is it has the rear cargo cover :nice:
  12. These are the motor specs the seller gave me....have yet to verify it all via receipts, although I definitely found receipts for the full Holley Systemax kit and the shortblock build and longblock build by Paul's. That stuff alone was like $6k.

    306 small block
    Holley System Max kit
    1. upper/lower intake
    2. camshaft...506 lift
    3. Ford Motor Sport 1.7 ratio rocker arms
    4. Short Block assembled by Excessive Motor Sports
    5. Long Block assembled, calibrated and dynoed by Pauls Automotive
    6. Comp Polymers valve covers, K&N air breather
    7. Jeg's solid motor mounts
    8. Vortec Mass air meter
    9. Mac Ram Air induction kit
    10. 24lbs fuel injectors
    11. Ford Racing blue silicone spark plug wires, with new plugs
    12. Crane fireball HI-6 ignition
    13. Crane fireball PS 91 performance coil
    14. Police interceptor radiator. New w/ new Police blue hoses
    15. A/C delete

  13. Hellz yeah it handles like a dream! Too bad I've been babying it a bit because the front tires are chewed to **** because of the fender rub. Trying to sort it out in Tech.....smallest bump during a turn and they hit.

    Only thing its missing is some tubular front A-arms....although it supposedly has Ford Racing front A-arms.

    The rest is all there. Oh, and dude before me just put some cheapo shocks in, need to get back to the original Bilsteins that were on it.

    No body roll, jars out fillings, every piece of plastic inside rattles. :nice:
  14. If you have 24lb injectors and a factory mass air meter, that is not a good thing. Also, some of your bucking could be coming from reversion from the cam(air travels backwards past the mass air meter) I have been told that abaco mass air meters are a good solution for the problem and are programmable for different injectors if you decide to go with something that requires bigger injectors. Like a blower. :) In fact, Vortech has a sale going on the S trim blowers. I think it's 1800 at summit, prob less at
  15. The Bilstiens will help that tremendously :nice:

  16. The list showed a Vortec Mass Air Meter....although I don't know the specs. If I could find a receipt for it, I could get a part number and find the exact one online I'm sure.

    Shoot....I'm not sure the wifey would let me buy a blower just yet! Considering it took a lot of negotiation just to get the car and it hasn't even been 5 days! :D

    I've been tempted to run it up to Modular Depot (20 mins away) sometime and see if they could do some tuning on it for me since I'm still new to it all.
  17. Oh, and as I posted in hte other thread....I think it might have two different types of shorty headers on it! That can't be good! :shrug:
  18. Sorry. Missed that. You should be ok injector wise.

  19. Noob. :D

    The seller did say that if he kept the car, there were 3 things he had next on the agenda.

    Fixing the fuel gauge since it always reads zero.
    FIxing the power locks.
    Getting it tuned again.

  20. 1. Welcome to 5.0 ownership!
    2. Nice ride! Black hatch LX's are sweet.
    3. With those suspension mods, your car must ride like it's on rails!

    Congrats and have fun!