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  1. Hi I'm new to the computer sort of and new to mustangs. but I read a lot and design things so this should be fun.
    I have a 76 coupe w/ a 2.8 v-6 , 4sp. It is stock for the most part. I have rebuilt ,powder coated and lowered the front end. the front is now 5 lug w/ 14in. old school cragers on it. the rear has a ranger 7.5 with a 373 posi and disc brakes. (the rear is not in yet I'm having to make my own caliper mounts to clear the leafs) the rear tyres are 17 cragers with 255s Looks good but the wheel wells don't like it. I've started to move the battery to the trunk and I've bought a lot of stuff from MADD electronics. The motor has the oil pan and valve covers powder coated , the water pump painted (by my 6yr old daughter. The better looking than what it had on it bumpers and late model stang seats were installed by my 17yr old daughter and my two boys 8 & 10. We have hooker headers to install and alloy thrush mufflers next. We plan on grafting in 65 gt front and rear valances and bumpers. and finally make it into a convertible.