dodge 1500 manual transmission fluid?

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by cooper, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. I would like to change the trany fluid in the wifes truck, but cant find any info on what it takes and how much of it! One guy at the store said it needs synthetic trany fluid but had no info on how much? Can any one help. Its a 2001 dodge ram 1500 V6 (3.8 im thinking) with a 5-speed manuel. Thanx
  2. ill get the answer for you tomorrow at work
  3. just the person I was looking for, I was going to pm you but my memory faded on your name!!!! ha ha old age is starting to creep up on me! thanks for the help..
  4. Model Fluid Capacity

    All Models: Capacities may vary. Correct fill level is to the bottom edge of the fill plug hole.
    NV3500 2.28 L (4.8 pts.)
    NV4500 3.78 L (8.0 pts.)
    NV5600 4.5 L (9.5 pts.)

    as far as the type of fluid it says to go to mopar and use mopar approved lubricant. ill make a few phone calls and see what i can find out.
  5. the numbers nv3500 - - - is this on the sticker inside the door? Or on the trans? Mopar approved lube sounds pricey , and prob synthetic. Thanks I'll do a little looking on the truck for more info. Thanks , Coop
  6. it should be on the id door tag. i know on fords there are specific #'s or letters that designate a specific tranny. let me know what you find and ill look it up.
  7. oops i almost forgot about this, had a realy great weekend! Well I looked at the door tag, its very ginarick. After the paint code it has a code TRM 59 AZ . Im only juessing the TRM stands for transmission? Dont know if this helps at all? thanks Coop