Dodge SRT-4's

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  1. What is everyone's opinion on them in here? Regardless of what everyone in 4.6 Talk says, I think it's a kick ass little car. My dad and I are going to actually test drive one tomorrow just to see what they are all about. It really looks like a fun little car, and of course, it's a turbo 4. :flag:
  2. I know the boy here that has one laughed at the 2.3 turbo mustang. I've seen it run and I'll let you know how it went after I beat him. :nice:
    He also got a ticket for not having mufflers. :rlaugh: no joke.
    I think his is a little too other then that its definately a strong stock car.
  3. The car actually comes from the FACTORY with no mufflers. :eek: Anyways, we checked it out today, but we couldn't take it for a test drive since it just came off the truck about 2 days ago, and they still hadn't inspected it or even put the fuses in it! Plus it was really rainy today anyway, so we didn't feel like taking it out. But the salesman did start it up for us. And damn that thing sounds mean! In fact, it sounds remarkably similar to a 2.3 turbo with exhaust. One thing that surprised me was how much room there was in the back seat. Even with the front seat all the way back, my knees still didn't touch the back of the front seat. The driving posistion in it is also nice; you sit high up, and can see over the hood and everything clearly.

    My dad for whatever reason is showing some real interest in this car. Mid-life chrisis maybe? I think he may buy it as a second car! At least the one he's looking at is a sweet looking black one instead of the gay yellow ones. :nice: He's going back to the dealer tomorrow to test drive we'll see what happens.
  4. Yeah the black ones are tolerateable.
    I would still life at a neon if it weren't for the 2.4 stratus motor sitting on the stand at my garage.
    I've seen alot of enthus. car magazines say it about the best bang for the buck thats out now.
  5. the srt4 is basically a new generation svo, there saying ALOT of the same things in the press about the srt4 as they said about the SVO when it came out.
  6. There is one here in town that runs 7.56 @ 96 in the 1/8th.........
  7. thats pretty deep into the 12's.
    Did anybody catch the one on SVO Mikes Video. lol that one didn't do so well. :D
  8. I'm not defending the guy, I don't even know him, but, isn't a 7.59 about equal to a 11.7-11.8 in the quarter? By the way, he has upped the boost, runs a boost controller, progressive nitrous system, and slicks.

    I think they are ok cars but I question the build quality of a neon. Would I drive one? Only in black or silver, and it wouldn't be stock for long.
  9. I like them, but they're FWD. :mad: Real cars are RWD....not that I have the money, but I would consider an SRT4 in the future if it was RWD (and if it hasn't fallen apart in five years :rlaugh: ).

  10. they are pretty decent domestic sports cars(if u want to refer to them that way) i only have a few things against them
    B:the look like a few insects i have seen on the discovery channel
    C: Reliablity, dodge doesnt exaclty have a good history with turbo4's

    the price seems right, and im glad that a domestic cc is accutly looking into turbo 4's (again). * :flag: Hint hint hint turbo focus*
  11. Well, we test drove it, and DAMN it was awesome! Second gear in those things is just insane! And to think, that thing isn't even broke in yet! And the stock exhaust was loud as hell! It has a sweet burble at idle, but when you rev it, it's loud enough to overpower the radio! The car was a blast to drive, and I think my dad really likes it. He's talking about trading in the '96 GT for it. :eek:
  12. thats about what I figured. the local boy said he would take me for a ride soon.
    I drove my first mostly stock non-svt 4.6 tonight. Your dad's GT has a few things done to it right? Including gears? which is badly needed in anthony's car....2.73's suck. I would like to see how your dad's GT would compare to the SRT-4.
  13. The srt-4s are amazing dont get me wrong i love the look and the power. But lets not forget they come with alot of problems some leacky head gaskets etc. Alot of these cars get recalled because of their problems other then that their amazing if i had the money i would buy one in a second.
  14. Are you talking about SRT-4s or Neons in general? I haven't heard about the SRTs having this problem but that would put a big black mark on them in my book. The old 2.0s used to have head gasket problems but they supposedly designed a revised headgasket that solved the problems.

    Personally, I'm more worried about the quality of the rest of the car than any motor problems.
  15. This may be true of the regular neons, but the 2.4 turbo engine is a completely different beast than the 2.0. There is a guy on with over 35,000 miles on his SRT, and his only problem so far has been a slipping clutch, which was replaced under warrenty. The powertrain is a rock. Don't believe me? Check this out.

    351wcoupe, the only thing done to the 96 GT is underdrive pullies, k&n filter, and exhaust, so the SRT is deffinately faster. The GT may beat it off line by half a car length or so, but the SRT will quickly start to pull away from it. Remember, people have run 13.8 1/4 miles in these things stone stock. I couldn't believe it, but the salesman even let ME drive it down some backroads during the test drive! And I'm not even 18 yet! :eek: It's an extremely fun car to drive though. My dad says he's going back this weekend to "look" at it again, but I think he's really going to sign the papers for it. I would miss the GT alot if he traded it in, but I'm not complaining about an SRT-4 at all. :D

    I keep you guys posted if he actually buys the thing, LOL.
  16. Yes the srt4s do get called back alot leaky heads, bad turbos, and yes they are under waranty. Which is sweet but who wants to spend all that money with problems but lol i probably would so i dont know. I have had many discussions about these cars and everyone says they have so many problems with them...
  17. :lol: :rlaugh:

    Are you referring to that BOGUS article the flew around all over the net and car forums? We have an big SRT community at and out of all of the SRT-4 owners that are registered on that site ONLY a handful have had problems with the engine/turbo in general. They are also the ones that overboosted the car and have no idea how to properly tune a turbo car. Before you go running your gums and spouting information that is COMPLETELY INCORRECT, I suggest you do a little research so you don't look so stupid. The engine powerplant in this car is rock solid with internals that can hold 400+ hp when properly tuned. Hot Rod magazine & Sport Compact Car have both done a thorough break down of this engine and both came to the conclusion that it is over engineered. The engine is not some 2.4L Stratus engine with a 16g slapped on it. We have guys running 20psi and 400+ wheel hp!! It's ALL about the tuning! :nice:
  18. Im not gonna arguee ok your right.
  19. Nitro, I did not come here to argue with you at all. We can be civilized and have a debate! :nice: I would truely like to know your sources of information.

    BTW, I am from the burgh as well. Actually I grew up and lived in Greensburg until I was 21. I live in DE now. eek, it's been 9 years since I moved. Steelers sucked this year, LOL!


    oh wait....I don't like football nevermind